Unicom Greater China 30 Days 1GB verified SIM card

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Product Price : USD 9.70~11.00
Min Order : 500 Pieces
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: China Unicom-9
Model Number: Greater China 30 Days SIM
Product name: Greater China 30 days 1GB Data SIM
SIM Type: 3-in-1 SIM Card (Nano/Micro/Standard)
Coverage: All the provinces in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan
Data Service: Supports tethering and shares network with other connected devices
Designated operator: Mainland China: China Unicom Macau:3 Taiwan: Chuanghwa Telecom

Product Description

Shipping & Delivery(We do not provide delivery service to Mainland China.)

SIM Activation

Simply connect to the Internet to activate the SIM. Please search for the respective network operator when using in any of the following designated applicable regions:Mainland – China Unicom (4G),Hong Kong - 3HK (4G),Macau - CTM (4G),Taiwan - TSTAR (4G)

Topping Up

Fixed Recharge RatesData Package in Greater China(Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan)Validity Period
^Once your data usage in Greater China reaches 6GB “Fair Usage level”, the upload/download speed would be reduced and restricted (but not below 128kbps


The SIM is valid for 30 days upon initial activation. Once the SIM validity expires or all data has been consummed, 30 days grace period for recharge will be available. During the period, data services will be suspended and any unused data will be forfeited. If there is no recharge within 30 days, the SIM will no longer be valid.
Within 30 days after the expiry of the validity period, the SIM card can be re-charge/top-up with HK$180 for renewing 30 days greater china data package subscription.
"Fair Usage level" calculation will be re-started upon when the data package subscription is renewed. "Fair Usage level" usage calculation will not be accumulated with previous data subscription. Value top up via online shop only (top-up voucher is not applicable).
Please recharge within 30 days once the validity period expires
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1.What type of devices can the data sim card be used with?
There are no restrictions whatsoever. The sim can be used in smartphones, tablets, USB dongles and MiFi mobile hotspot devices. Please just ensure that your device is not locked to a network.
2.Should data roaming be turned on or off?
In any device that the sim is plugged in to, data roaming should be switched on. If you are using it in a MiFi to broadcast data to a phone, we would recommend that your phone have roaming switched off just to ensure that you don’t accidentally use the internet on your phone’s internal sim.
3.Can I use the data sim for calls and SMS?
No this sim card is only enabled for data. If calls and SMS are important to you we would recommend using a MiFi device to “tether” the data so that your phone can pick the signal up just like it would pick up a normal WiFi network. Alternatively, a number of apps are available for you such as Skype and Whatsapp.
4.Do I need to change any settings?
Please set the APN name to “primary.m2m” and leave the username and password blank.
5.Can I buy Micro or Nano sized sim cards?
Yes the data sim is available in any size to fit all devices. Please read your operator manual if you are unsure which size you need.
6.Can I use it in a Blackberry?
Everything will work as normal, except for using BIS which is not currently supported. There is a workaround however - we would recommend that you use a MiFi to tether the signal to your Blackberry as you will then have full functionality.
7.Does the sim card expire?
Please activate the SIM card on or before the expiry date stated on the SIM card package. The data will last for 15 days from first use.


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