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Logistics solutions for eastern markets    < 2014-05-03 >

“We are the logistics experts for eastern markets,” says Tamás Dunai, co-founder and Managing Partner of Euro-Log. “Our competence is based on more than two decades of know-how and experience, as we have focused on eastern markets right from the start.”

Fair – with a holistic approach    < 2014-05-03 >

Johann Josef Ettengruber “We are disciplined, and we work a lot,” owner and Managing Director Johann Josef Ettengruber explains the success of the business. “We start early in the morning, and we visit our customers until late in the evening. We are dedicated to our company, and the whole family pulls together. It is this passion which has helped us to survive the crisis. Of course, our war chest is empty now, but we did not have to dismiss anybody during the crisis. Many of our employees

Creative procurement solutions that add value    < 2014-05-03 >

Simon Hegele Supply Chain Services was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Simon Hegele GmbH. The idea behind the new company was to offer procurement and stock management services to complement its existing logistics offering. “The new service took off quickly,” says Managing Director Mike Schimke. “The volume of stock that we were handling on behalf of our clients grew steadily as we converted more and more of our parent company’s customers to our complementary service.” Today, Simon Hegel

10,000 special transports in less than ten years    < 2014-05-03 >

Dieter Langer, managing partner and co-founder. Based in Upper Bavaria, WeiLa Transport is a Europe-wide operating freight forwarder and logistics services provider for standard and special transports. The company was founded by Dieter Langer and Günter Weinzierl in 2005. “Both had at that time more than 25 years of experience in the transport sector,” says Sales Manager Benjamin Weinzierl, co-owner and son of company co-founder Günter Weinzierl who died in March 2013. Today, WeiLa Tran

On the roads of Europe    < 2014-05-03 >

Managing Director Rainer Sandow joined the company in January 2013. Today, Transalkim perfectly masters the smooth flow of goods in the whole of Europe and provides customized logistics concepts through-out. “We started in Stuttgart in 1980 in cooperation with a partner in Istanbul and developed our land transport concept to Turkey. Later on, new subsidiaries in Hungary, the Netherlands and Romania start-ed to operate,” points out Managing Director Rainer Sandow. Three years ago, Transal

A matter of geography    < 2014-05-03 >

The state-owned enterprise, whose name stands for the Logistics Platform of Zaragoza, combines the efforts of logistics companies in the area to form one large transport center. Founded in December 2000, PLAZA has achieved an average of 44 million EUR in revenues over the past twelve years. With its team of just five employees, the organization is prepared for future challenges and cannot be beat thanks to its winning mix of intermodality, ideal location and top-notch customer service.

The right place at the right time    < 2014-05-03 >

ITN : “How would you introduce your company and its products and services in brief to someone who is not familiar with it?” Jesús Andreu : “It is an initiative of the government of Aragon aimed at positioning this region on the main transport and logistics axes of Europe. PLAZA is a corporation promoted by the government of Aragon and the city of Zaragoza, with a share capital of 47,302,706.93 EUR. The corporate purpose of PLAZA, S.A. is to plan, promote and build Zaragoza’s logistics platf

Innovative ideas for international transport    < 2014-05-03 >

“Our Multi-Trailer is a double-decker lorry which was developed by our company owner Bernd Marbach in 1998,” explains Michael Marbach, assistant to the management. He has been active in the company for seven years now. “We hold a patent for this lorry, and it is used exclusively by us. Compared to other double-decker lorries, our Multi-Trailer offers several advantages. Most important is that it enables short loading and unloading times as well as a 60% higher loading capacity, compared to conv

Outstanding logistics by rail, road and sea    < 2014-05-03 >

Managing Director Vaso Janicic has ambitious future plans. ISD Portolan Ltd. is one of the major forwarding companies in the region and sets itself apart with its broad services. For a long time now, many well-known companies such as Mercedes-Benz have been among its customers. As a result of the close partnership with its parent company ISD DUNAFERR Ltd., the biggest steel producer in Hungary, the company has grown continuously over the last couple of years. ISD Portolan Ltd. was foun

Hungary’s paper people    < 2014-05-03 >

Péter Vitkovics is CEO of Apis Logistic Kft. The Apis portfolio covers paper, stationery and office equipment such as copiers and printers in addition to other machines for document destruction or archiving, yielding a total of 10,000 to 11,000 products. “We have to maintain a universal inventory because that’s what customers expect of a wholesaler,” says Péter Vitkovics, CEO of Apis Logistic. “We offer strong brands, including Zebra. In fact, we are the largest distributor of Zebra wri

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