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Reply here somebody have been scammed by Indonesian seller    < 2014-04-29 >

My client tracked all seller from indonesian R/c toys are same as scammer now on selling alibaba.   My client use many guys track him now.Actually they went indonesia to get him.   I don't know what he gonna do after got him   Anyway, I need more information.   Someone got any scamed by indonesian tell me here.   or

Shenzhen Maerwow Electronics    < 2014-04-26 >

I have been offered a deal with Shenzhen Maerwow Electronics co ltd, how can I check if they are ok? Reply: As many scammers peep at buyers behind alibaba, we would provide supplier investigation service and outsourcing service for all buyers. any question,  please feel free to contact at: Email:  Skype: wenkin991

Dispute on the order 60296243623685    < 2014-05-01 >

Dispute on the order 60296243623685 was escalated on 2014-02-21 12:18 (more then 60 days ago). Why it is still no decision?

few tips for beginner?    < 2014-03-29 >

Good day to everyone.   im a student and i also work to support myself. Finaly i managed to make some savings to start small business. I messaged like 40 sellers with simple questions about their products and now i get like 100 emails daily. I found few really tempting. How should i verify that those who messages me bellongs to alibaba comunity? ( i naively imagine that those who sells in alibaba and scams, gets kicked, punished or something..) i see company names in their letters but    < 2014-04-24 >

copystore offering perfume out of dubai Is a FAKE Firm. They hacked my account Reply: As many scammers peep at buyers behind alibaba, we would provide supplier investigation service and outsourcing service for all buyers. any question,  please feel free to contact at: Email:  Skype: wenkin991

Is TRADING ARENA LIMITED legit or scam? Please help me Im going to send my money tomorrow    < 2014-04-28 >

Please help I will send money tomorrow thru Western Union but he offered me to not give the MTNC code until I get the package instead I'll just take a picture of the receipt then he will send the package. I googled the company and it is real and legit.   He also gave the company number, and gave me a picture of his pass port. Please help me. I ordered 2 Go pro hero 3+ and only cost 150 each   Do u think its real or fake? Please help This is their website

Potential Sourcing / Quality Agent    < 2014-04-29 >

Seeking potential sourcing agent specializing in marine & boating products in Southern & SouthEastern China to work with United States company to help us source legitimate and trustworthy factories.   We are looking for someone who is knowledgeable in these product lines and have the capability to also do factory visits and quality audit inspections.    We are looking to work with manufacturer's and factories only. No trading companies.    We wil

Shenzhen Macy Electronic Industry Co., Ltd    < 2014-03-27 >

Hello,   I am looking to make 250 sets of travel pillows, ear plugs and eye covers. I was looking on A l i b a b a and came across the following company: Shenzhen Macy Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.  They responded to me that they would be willing to make it for me for $.80 a set. Does anyone know anything about this company and weather or not i can trust them? I am new to this...   Attached is the conatct in for for the sales person:   Contact Person:&n

my purchase auto-completed, can't contact seller and can't open dispute    < 2014-04-29 >

I purchased a good on Dec. 02 2013 and so far (nearly 5 months later!) I haven't received my good.   The seller gave me 2 tracking numbers, and none of those was to the correct address. I contacted the seller about the tracking numbers but got no answer. After at 3 or 4 messages, my purchase auto-completed and now I can't open dispute.   I tried to contact Aliexpress but there are no forms for my issue, and I can't find a direct line of contact with anyone on the

Have any one bought STPP from this firm Hebei Wanye Chemical Stock Limited Corporation, China?    < 2014-04-24 >

    I want to buy STPP from   Hebei Wanye Chemical Stock Limited Corporation Chemical Zone, Shiliang Village, Gaoyi County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China   Have anyone bought STPP from this firm? Reply: As many scammers peep at buyers behind alibaba, we would provide supplier investigation service and outsourcing service for all buyers. any question,  please feel free to contact at: Email:  Skype: wenkin991

Antex Rioja S.L Spain used oak barrels DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY    < 2014-03-20 >

This company has defrauded thousands from genuine companies from as far as new zealand.   They take your money but do not supply the goods. They still owe myself thousands of euros.   Even after the lies about barrels/money being tied up with a winery they still took money from others knowing the situation.   This is classed as obtaining money through deception ie: FRAUD   NEVER USE THIS COMPANY   A l i b a b a, you need to remove this supplier

How effective is the escalated dispute process?    < 2014-04-28 >

how effective is the escalated dispute process i believe i have a very clear cut case that the seller is trying to get out of i even had to escalate the dispute and the seller is still playing games offering me pennies on the dollar or telling me that the light turns on so you can use it while it is TOTALLY USELESS and UNSELLABLE at the seller many requests i provided clear picture and video evidence   not sure what else to do i am afraid the seller is wasting my time while some ti

Bay Brokerage USA Customs Clearance    < 2014-04-28 >

U.S. CUSTOMS SURETY BONDING Bay Brokerage also provides complete U.S. Customs surety bonding contingent upon a clients’ bonding needs. Bay staff reviews bonding options for specific shipments, including specifying the coverage that best suits the type and amount of bond required. Bay Brokerage offers: Over 35 years experience with  surety bond requirements In-House licensed insurance broker 24/7 bonding  services available All types of U.S. Customs Surety Bonds U.S. D

ALIBABA personal VERIFICATOR SCAM    < 2014-04-21 >

  Beware with the A l i b a b a Nickshuew is CLONE of verifier_ehu3 ..... BEWARE WITH ALL OF CHINA SCAM IN ALIBABA......Don't TRUST is someone give you some FREE or PAID Verificatian service because after you TRUSTING them then THEY WILL SCAMM YOU !!!!!   They always the owner and OPERATE  of This SCAM website :    

It's very hard to complainning because member's Id submit system    < 2014-04-27 >

Their Contact Information:   Email Address or Member ID or Product URL   hey alibaba support We cannot see their criminal's email!!!!. or member ID and they deleted after crime.   How can I see memer ID? A l i b a b a conplain system  never accept product URL,It keep saying wrong.   What is wrong your website.   Do you protect criminal and scammer???????????????????? It is to hard complain because of  Their contact informatio    < 2014-04-28 >

Has anyone had dealings with this company?  I had contacted several vendors via alibaba in regards to electronics and some how they got a hold my inquiry.  I liked their prices and ultimately choose them to deal with.  After sending payment they're now requesting I pay customs tax of about 50% of the value of the products.  Is this legit or have I been a victim of a scam and they're just trying to get me to cough up more money?  Is there anything alibaba could h

Agent Of Trade With Turkey    < 2014-04-27 >

I provide consultancy services to those who want to trade in Turkey,   Our Services ; Demand do research of products  Do thorough research about the company Products and Quality Control International and Domestic Shipping Last Checked Finding and Reporting the most affordable prices        Meet our customers who come to Turkey, accommodation, transportation would meet all your needs in, and we do not charge extra for your needs,Turkey, especial

an experience of importing from HUTHADA.CO.LTD and Inyathco to share    < 2014-04-28 >

All buyer be careful . Huthadaco is Inyathco, Dtcompany. They make all the way to eat your money . And all company is gold supplier of A l i b a b a We signed the contract to sell cotton with them but they have never do it. Company boss called Mr.NGUYEN TRUNG TÀI and Mrs Nguyen Tuyet Van is younger sister and younger brother of Mr Thanh Their company contact e-mail and details: ,, skype: dtcompany, dtc

Escrow Service Between Me and a purchasing agent    < 2014-04-26 >

Ok so I am ordering two samples from two factories from alibaba so I had to find a purchasing agent so I dont get  ripped off,I agreed with the agent to use the escrow service between me and her,but she asked me to do it on aliexpress for some reason,so is there any kind of form of escrow service to do with a purchasing agent on alibaba,since the agent needs to show her handling fees and other fees other than the product prices and quantity and shipping..Thanks Gentlemen Reply: As many

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