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Buy passports, drivers licenses, ID cards,birth certificates,diplomas,Visas,University degrees    < 2014-04-24 >

We produce high quality pass-portsss, driver’s licenses, ID cards, stamps,birth certificates,diplomas,Visas,SSN,bank notes,US green cards,University degrees,Marriage certificates and other documents for a number of countries like: USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom. This list is not full. Contact EMAIL….........;

Aliexpress!!! Why do you to to ruin my business???????????    < 2014-04-24 >

61263652347541-$10 61247167267541-$7 61228277937541-$12 61225260487541-$5 61257907717541 -$27  61259193177541 -$24 61798899047541 -$45   Total- $130   This refunds have not reflected in my acoount. Please help me out!    These have read finished but no refund has been made to my account for over two months. 

Chinese trader not sending the product, nor refunding    < 2014-04-22 >

Hello,   I am Nick from Greece. I bought a seat from a seller in China on Nov-2013. After a month or so he shipped the seat but the seat never appeared. He then told me that China Airpost could not fit it into the plane and that they returned it back to him. That was allready 4 months later. At this point I opened a dispute choosing the "The goods are on their way" or the like, that was never an option that said the goods where received by me.   Then he resent t

still no refund - almost 3 months later!    < 2014-04-25 >

so i won my refund 100%.  seller complained so i was asked to upload video proof.  did all that and now (this has been going on since january 14) there is absolutely NOWHERE on aliexpress to email them to ask or on alibaba.  i still do not have the refund and all i am now able to do is to cancel the dispute.  the goods were of an excessively poor quality and they were reading glasses.  they were so small that they did not fit on your head and if you did manage to put th

order number 60568078386057 aliexpress    < 2014-04-23 >

I purchased this back in December and never received the item I file a complaint and nothing happened upto now no product no refund ease help I just want my refund $51  thank you Tony

We Are Buying Discounted Instruments (Treasuries, MTNs and BGs)    < 2014-04-25 >

I am the owner of Broadcast Network For indie Artists and we broadcast music 24/7 via internet and satellite around the world.   I will buy discounted paper at $10 million current value once or twice a week. I will only buy U.S. Treasuries or MTN/BGs from major banks. I do not give out personalinformation to anyone I do not know, as this has caused me difficulty in the past. I can do spot buy or contracts and once I am comfortable with seller, I will move up to larger amounts. I do not

payment    < 2014-04-26 >

Hi! Can I pay on with  Visa card israeli  or Paypal?

Stolen money    < 2014-04-23 >

On 15 April somebody order from may occaunt £140.89 order numb 0002155061 please help

Help me    < 2014-04-27 >

Hello I recently ordered the items on this site and paid for it. later I received a letter from aliekspress that this product is temporarily frozen. then I had only the string "add to cart again," if I got this product. actually I just paid it! tell me how to get back?

Customs and Fees    < 2014-04-24 >

Dear Sirs,  I want to make an order and I want to know how I can find out how much money do I have to pay for customs or any other fees for the transportation of my order to Greece. Please inform me  Thank you

Transaction Cancelled    < 2014-04-28 >

Hi,   I have made a payment for a transaction which was cancelled and it has been more than 4 days that i have not received the amount back from A l i b a b a Escrow.   How to contact for this?   Regards,   Sanket Agrawal

Alba Star is a Thief!    < 2014-04-24 >   Thief!  Stole $600 US from me.  Promised trauma shears in 7 colors and has not shipped.  Every email is an excuse.    Avoid this seller!!

refund ALIPAY SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PTE    < 2014-04-28 >

In december 2013 I made two orders (60533905306603 and 60533825346603) at and paid for them to ALIPAY SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PTE (026010114012403). (I've got proof I've paid for them).   However, I received emails from that my orders has been cancelled because the payments were not made before due date.   How can I get my money back?   Please answer as soon as possible.   With kind

Payment    < 2014-04-24 >

Hi,I'm new to this site but I made a purchase and now I'm trying to figure out how to make the payment.I didn't really want to do it with my credit card and I was just wondering if I can use a prepaid visa, any help will be much appreciated.thanks.

AliExpress Suspend supplier AFTER I paid the order and now???    < 2014-04-28 >

I made a order 61866852463406 on April, 21, received mail message that the order was accept and made the payment on April 24. After this, I received a mail message abaou "Your order 61866852463406 has been closed due to supplier suspension"   I already paied this order and, AFTER this, you suspended the supplier. On the orders list it appears as Terminated and the supplier didn´t answer. The file with the payment follow below. I want the products or my money ag

Oreder 61229297532967 refund    < 2014-04-28 >

Ali express finished the order 61229297532967 more than a month ago because the seller didn`t send the tracking number. I got no way to make a complaint and Ali Express said will refund me but there`s still no refund on my credit card. Please check this. Thanks. Diego Muñoz

I have been scammed by companies on Alibaba!    < 2014-04-29 >

I have been scammed by companies on A l i b a b a. -Paid the money but have not received my goods. What should I do? -Helps alibaba to sue them? -Can I get my money back? -Grateful for all the help I can get! So no more getting ripped off by the same company.   Trying to find a supplier to order jetski, quad bikes of brands (Yamaha, Kawasaki, Otulander) to Sweden. Anyone have a good contact to share that is reliable and you get their goods? Regards Henric    

HOW TO VERIFY A SUPPLIER    < 2014-05-02 >

I posted a buying a request for mobile phones and I already finalized one supplier who quoted me the best price.    But yet somehow, I have some doubts about this particular supplier.   I am ready to make a purchase now, but I would like to verify the authenticity of this supplier. I tried searching for his page here in alibaba but I can't seem to find it.    I would like to place my order via escrow but is there anyway to track down this supplier? or ha

infosino_autobase Scam    < 2014-04-29 >

Dear People! Never ever deal with Kenny Rolt or anyone from Sino-Autobase Inc aka infosino_autobase! This company is a real scammer and total fraud. They have their own website that is not online any more. Please be wise and use your common sense when SELLER accepts only WESTERN UNION, WIRE TRANSFER or TT payment methods. You can never recover your money in case of non-delivery. I did not know what I was thinking about when I made a very large wire transfer to their accoun

What if seller remove their link after receiving the orders???    < 2014-05-02 >

i have paid for the order.. and after that.. seller remove their link for the product even seller removed the store from the aliexpress.. and now.. he dont even has an active account on or so why i cannot receive my money back.. seller give un-logical response on dispute and when i have openned the escalate dispute i am not even receiving any inforamtion regarding my problems.. seller want to refund my money but not in full... why i have to give seller that money fo

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