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The buy-side skill shift    < 2014-03-24 >

As buy-side firms morph to take on functions traditionally associated with their sell-side counterparts, the skills on assetmanagers’ dealing desks have increased, providing greater autonomy when makingexecution decisions. Do asset managers nowmore resemble sell-side firms? Technology, a push towards more transparent investmentprocesses and greater demand from end-investors to understand how their moneyis allocated has resulted in a shift of roles power from the sell-side to thebuy-side. A

TradeTech Europe 2014 news: BT, ISDA, Etrali and more ...    < 2014-04-08 >

BT announces Netrix HiTouch turret BT has launched itsnext generation of trading turret at TradeTech Europe 2014, featuringcloud integration and touch screen controls. The new turret, calledBT Netrix HiTouch, aims to aid traders, clients and counterparties tocollaborate more effectively, offering a range of different communication toolswith high definition visual and audio interfaces. It also integratesspecialist trading applications and market information through the BT Radianzcloud, enab

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