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A company aiming wide    < 2014-05-03 >

Ertech processed the biggest rotor hub in the world. “Of course, we have also been affected by the crisis,” says Sales Manager Bjarne C. Hertz. “But within the last few months, orders been increased from 50 to 120%.” Ertech is a renowned specialist in machining, metalworking, surface treatment, consultancy and total solutions. The company’s production facilities cover over 17,000 m², including 16 large machining centres, a paint shop and a metalworking section. Ertech’s core competen

The spring and stamped parts business – always near the customer    < 2014-05-03 >

CEO Michael Fahrenbach has been running BAUMANN’s subsidiary in Germany since April 2011. The specialist for technical springs, stampings and bending parts is active both in Switzerland and abroad. In fact, BAUMANN has set up a global network of subsidiaries at important locations worldwide. “It is our main objective to locate production in close vicinity to our customers. Customers who are operating on an international level opt for direct supply to their production sites,” says CEO Mi

Forged functionality    < 2014-05-03 >

A modern spindle press system with high press forces contributes to the special competence of Umformtechnik Radebeul Modern hydraulic and eccentric deburring presses, the latest jetheating technology for the optimum heating of unmachined parts, seven spindle press systems up to 16,000 kN pressure and material-saving metal forming processes contribute to the unique technical possibilities of Umformtechnik Radebeul GmbH. “We make the production of aluminium forgings possible where others h

Metal processing competence to depend on    < 2014-05-03 >

Founder and managing director Miklós Bognár in front of a welding robot. Like everywhere else, manufacturing costs have risen in Hungary, as well. “Nevertheless, a company that keeps abreast of technology and offers high and reliable quality is still at an advantage,” says Managing Director Miklós Bognár, who set up the metal processing firm as a sideline in 1981. “Reliability and continuity are part of our company philosophy and are two of the personal values I adopted when I was in Germ

Nothing too heavy, nothing too big    < 2014-05-03 >

“Our strength is our flexibility to cover different application areas,” Giovanni Cattaneo, responsible for administration and sales, explains the success of the company. “We have the necessary machines and premises to process parts with extraordinary dimensions. In addition to this, we cooperate closely with the university, which supports us in accomplishing difficult orders.” Engineer Daniele Dotta from the technical office adds, “Another important asset is the profound know-how of our staff.

Made of a special casting    < 2014-05-03 >

Imre Győri is always looking for new opportunities. “The investment foundry Magyarmet does not just sell casting products, but ready-for-assembly parts and components,” CEO and majority owner Imre Győri stresses. About 60% of the total turnover is achieved with conventional precision casting products. These are small and medium-sized series of mainly complex parts of high-alloy steel and special alloys. These products are being applied, among others, in separation technology, pumps and va

Commissioning of SECO/WARWICK Europe S.A.    < 2014-05-03 >

The SECO/WARWICK Group and its five business segments (BS) produce vacuum furnaces (BS VAC), atmosphere furnaces (BS ATM), controlled atmosphere aluminum brazing furnaces (BS CAB), aluminum process furnaces (BS AP) and vacuum metallurgy equipment Retech (BS VME) in its manufacturing sites in Poland (SECO/WARWICK Europe), the United States of America (SECO/WARWICK Corp. + RETECH Systems LLC), India (SECO/WARWICK Allied Ltd.) and China (SECO/WARWICK RETECH Mfg. (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.). Sales, servic

Memorandum of Cooperation between SECO/WARWICK Group and Saratov State University signed    < 2014-05-03 >

We would like to announce that we have started the Cooperation with Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution - „Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky”. Our partnership’s benefits will result from international cooperation and information exchange in the sphere of innovations, science and technology. How we will get it? In the signed “Memorandum” we expressed directions to follow. We mostly would like to focus on the technological, scientific and educational area, devel

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