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Jewellery Industry in Hong Kong    < 2014-05-03 >

Hong Kong's jewellery industry is dominated by the precious jewellery sector. Its development has been facilitated by the expansion of the local market, including sales to tourists. Jewellery production in Hong Kong encompasses a wide range of medium- to high-priced products. Hong Kong manufacturers are good at producing small stones fashion jewellery. Hong Kong is leading in the production of pure gold items, and has long been recognised as a major centre for the production of jade jewell

Auto Parts & Accessories Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-05-26 >

Overview Hong Kong exports a large variety of auto parts and accessories. They include safety glass, rear-view mirrors, locks, car seats, electrical lighting, wiring sets and exhaust systems.  Hong Kong companies are a major producer of car audio products and car security systems. Many manufacturers are producing auto parts on OEM basis, but some large manufacturers are producing under their own brand names and designs.  Re-exports account for an overwhelming majority of total exports o

Electronics Industry in Hong Kong    < 2014-05-03 >

Overview Hong Kong’s electronics industry is the largest merchandise export earner of the territory, accounting for 59% of Hong Kong’s total exports in 2013. A substantial portion of such exports, largely re-export business, are regarded as high-tech products, especially those related to telecommunications equipment, semiconductors and computer items. According to the latest available statistics, Hong Kong was the world’s largest exporter of telephones/mobile phones; the second large

Lighting Industry in Hong Kong    < 2014-05-12 >

Overview Hong Kong exports a wide range of lighting products, including table, bedside, floor-standing and portable lamps. Other major products include wall and ceiling lighting, chandeliers and lighting fittings, as well as decorative items like Christmas tree lighting sets and lamp shades. Hong Kong’s total exports of lighting products increased by 16% in 2013. Exports to the US and the EU increased rapidly, while exports to the Chinese mainland were buoyant. Due to environmen

Household Electrical Appliances Industry in Hong Kong    < 2014-05-14 >

Overview Hong Kong produces and exports a wide range of household electrical appliances, including kitchen appliances, home care appliances, personal care items and household lighting products. According to the latest available figures, Hong Kong was the world’s second largest exporter of hair dressing apparatus in value terms in 2011. Hong Kong’s total exports of household electrical appliances decreased 7% in 2013.  Exports to the US, EU and Japan, the three major markets, were lac

Watches & Clocks Industry in Hong Kong    < 2014-02-17 >

Overview The mainland granted all Hong Kong products tariff-free treatment under the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA). In terms of the CEPA Rules of Origin, watches made in Hong Kong with a Hong Kong brand are no longer required to fulfill the 30% value-added content requirement in order to enjoy the tariff-free treatment. According to the latest available statistics, Hong Kong was the world's largest importer of complete watches and assembled wat

Footwear Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-05-03 >

Overview The mainland and Hong Kong agreed in October 2005 to further liberalise the mainland market for Hong Kong companies under the third phase of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA III). Under CEPA III, the mainland agreed to give all products of Hong Kong origin, including footwear, tariff-free treatment starting from 1 January 2006. Hong Kong produces a wide range of footwear suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. The industry is particul

Building Materials and Hardware Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-08-16 >

Overview Hong Kong exports a wide range of building materials and hardware, with major categories including electrical apparatus, building hardware, and steel/iron and wood/board for building. The export sector is dominated by re-exports as Hong Kong companies have relocated their production facilities to the Chinese mainland.   Amid the growing quality consciousness of overseas buyers, many companies have strengthened their quality assurance systems by adopting the ISO 9000 series. Me

Textiles Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-05-03 >

Overview The mainland and Hong Kong agreed in October 2005 to further liberalise the mainland market for Hong Kong companies under the third phase of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA III). Under CEPA III, the mainland agreed to give all products of Hong Kong origin, including textiles, tariff-free treatment starting from 1 January 2006. Hong Kong's textiles industry serves not only the local clothing manufacturers, but also those on the Chinese ma

Printing Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-09-03 >

Overview Trends in the printing industry are often brought about by advent of technology. In recent years, the general trend is to combine printing with various prepress and post production, so as to improve accuracy and reduce time and cost. Hong Kong printers are equipped with advanced machines. Many have introduced computer-to-plate systems, equipment for security printing, as well as latest machines to enhance digital printing capabilities. Another trend is environmentalism,

Clothing Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-05-03 >

Overview Starting 1 January 2009, textile and clothing products originating in China no longer require any import licence or surveillance document before entering the EU. Meanwhile, textile and clothing shipments to the US made on or after 1 January 2009 are no longer subject to any quotas. Under the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), the mainland has given all products of Hong Kong origin, including clothing items, tariff-free treatment starting from

Furniture & Furnishing Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-05-11 >

Overview The furniture and furnishing industry is a manufacturing sector in Hong Kong with a long history.  It includes the production of household, office and kitchen furniture, as well as mattresses, bedding and parts of furniture. A vast variety of raw materials are used in production, including wood, rattan, plastic and metal. Among others, wooden furniture is the major production and exports of the industry. Hong Kong companies have strong design capability, while accommodating th

Machinery Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-05-14 >

Overview Hong Kong manufacturers produce both industrial machinery and parts. Initial development of the industry was prompted by a rise in local demand.  Industrialisation in the Chinese mainland since the early 1980s has provided an added boost to Hong Kong’s machinery industry. Large manufacturers have started automation in producing standardised parts. Automatic tool handling and computer numerically controlled workstations are being adopted.  Most of them have also set up productio

Packaging Materials Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-05-25 >

Overview The Chinese mainland is Hong Kong's largest market for packaging materials. Many Hong Kong manufacturers have relocated their production to the mainland, considering the lower operation costs and proximity to the market. The demand for packaging materials in China is increasing due to the growing domestic manufacturing sector. Laws and regulations restricting the use of packaging materials become more stringent worldwide. Packaging manufacturers are required to mould their pack

Processed Food and Beverages Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-09-26 >

Overview Food safety has become a prime concern of consumers over the globe. Increasing number of countries and regions, such as the Mainland, the US and the EU, have implemented more stringent controls on food safety, whether locally produced or imported. In the first half of 2013, Hong Kong's total exports of processed food and beverages increased by 3% and reached HK$20 billion. Vietnam was the largest export market for Hong Kong's processed food and beverages (accounting for 36%

Wine Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-12-03 >

Hong Kong's wine industry is supported by a significant pool of experienced fine wine merchants with good wine knowledge and international wine trade experience. Besides wine trading and distribution, wine-related business includes auction, retailing, warehousing, catering and transportation. Since the removal of all duty-related customs and administrative controls in February 2008, Hong Kong has further developed into a wine trading and distribution centre for the region, particularly the

Spectacles Industry in Hong Kong    < 2014-01-03 >

Hong Kong's spectacles companies specialise in making medium to high-end frames. They mainly produce for overseas buyers and renowned international brands on an OEM and/or ODM basis with their manufacturing bases on the Chinese mainland. Hong Kong is the third largest exporter of spectacles and frames in the world after Italy and the Chinese mainland. In 2012, Hong Kong’s total exports of spectacles dropped 4% to HK$14.6 billion. The EU and the US, accounting for nearly 60% of the total, a

Toy Industry in Hong Kong    < 2014-02-10 >

Hong Kong produces a wide range of toys with particular strength in plastic toys, including dolls, doll houses and other accessories, action figures, construction sets, toy guns, make-believe toys and gimmicks such as beauty kits and doctor's kits. Other major categories are electronic toys and games, radio/remote controlled toys, battery-operated toys and metal toys. Taken together with re-exports, Hong Kong is the world's second largest toy exporter. Hong Kong exporters are known for pro

Air Transport Industry in Hong Kong    < 2013-02-19 >

Overview As one of the regional hubs for Asia, Hong Kong is connected with most urban centres in Asia and half of the world's population within 5 hours of flight time. Currently, more than 100 airlines operate about 1,000 flights daily, linking the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to about 180 destinations worldwide including 48 cities on the Chinese mainland. Handling 56.5 million passengers and 4.03 million tonnes of cargo and in 2012, HKIA was Asia’s third busiest international p

Marketing Services Industry in Hong Kong    < 2012-08-10 >

Overview Hong Kong is the marketing services capital of Asia, where a full range of services can be found. The sophistication of the market has attracted a strong presence of multinational agencies and a critical pool of marketing services talents. The majority of multinational agencies have their regional headquarters set up in Hong Kong to take care of regional business. Hong Kong’ advertising spending (adspend) continued to grow in the first quarter of 2012, yet at a pace slower than

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