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ECB kept policy rate on hold    < 2014-05-03 >

The ECB maintained its refinancing rate at 0.25% in March. Besides, there was no additional monetary policy introduced after the meeting, which was much in line with our expectation. An expanded inflation projection confirmed that low inflation would stay longer than market previously expected. Current energy price was likely to exert downward pressure on price level, hence inflation projection for 2014 was revised 0.1 percentage point down to 1.0%YoY from the forecast made in December 2013. L

Eurozone PMI advanced while fragmentation remained    < 2014-01-24 >

Eurozone flash composite PMI stood at 53.2 in January 2014, compared with 52.1 in December 2013. Both manufacturing and service sub-index recorded an increase, growing to 53.9 and 51.9 from 52.7 and 51.0 respectively. With regard to individual countries’ performance, Germany manufacturing PMI hit 32-month high to 56.3 in January. Output and new export orders among all sub-categories contributed much to the growth, representing a virtuous circle in German manufacturing sector. However, job crea

Why Can Hong Kong’s Unemployment Rate Continue To Reach New Low?    < 2014-05-03 >

According to the latest statistics, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Hong Kong from December 2013 to February 2014 dipped to 3.1%, a new low in this recovery cycle and the lowest in sixteen years. Given that the Hong Kong economy grew only 1.5% in 2012 and 2.9% in 2013, a pace slower than the past ten year average of 4.5% or the projected 3.5% trend growth in the medium term, the unemployment rate between 3.1% and 3.5% during the period suggests that there may be changes in Hong Ko

BoJ more confident on inflation commitment    < 2014-01-27 >

In BoJ’s meeting in December 2013, participants confirmed the improvement in domestic economy. In terms of monetary policy, recent upward inflation has made the bank governors somewhat comfortable that the inflation target of 2% could be achieved without additional monetary easing measures. Hence current monetary policy remained unchanged, with asset purchase at an annual pace of JPY 60-70tn and keeping its key policy rate in a range between 0.0%-0.1%. The overall economy was not that encourag

Japan trade deficit deterioration slowed down    < 2014-01-27 >

Japan trade deficit climbed to JPY 1302.1bn in December 2013 from that of JPY 1293bn in the previous month, stabilizing at a higher level. On a YoY basis, imports registered an increase of 24.3% while exports grew 15.3%, leaving trade deficit more than doubled (101.6% YoY) from the same period last year. With regard to exports by destinations, exports to China grew by 34.4% YoY, which was in parts from demand for autos bouncing back in 4Q13. The figure of the EU increased 22.8% YoY. Ireland am

ECB maintained status quo in policy rate    < 2014-02-03 >

ECB decided to keep its key policy rate unchanged after meeting on 6 February 2014. Currently the refinancing rate is maintained at a historically low level of 0.25% since November 2013. During the Q&A session, Mr. Draghi admitted that recent volatility in emerging markets may partly impact on the Eurozone market, but remained confident on the resilience of Eurozone recovery. In terms of the price level, he emphasized the difference between low inflation and deflation. Concerns on a declining

Fine-tuning China’s Growth Model Amid Economic Slowdown    < 2014-02-17 >

China recorded 7.7% real GDP growth in 4Q13, which is the same as the whole year’s growth rate, and the second consecutive year of less than 8.0% growth. It is also the second consecutive year when realized growth comes very close to the 7.5% target set out in the government’s working report, vastly different from previous years’ of outperformance. Regarding China’s growth prospects in 2014, the market views are divergent, with the mainstream forecasting continuous moderation instead of reaccel

Eurozone 4Q13 GDP grew 0.3%    < 2014-02-17 >

Eurozone 4Q13 GDP first estimate registered at 0.3%, compared to 0.1% in 3Q13. Among all member countries, GDP growth of Germany speeded up to 0.4% from 0.3%. France and Italy in 4Q13 both posted a growth of 0.3% and 0.1% respectively from 0.0% in the previous quarter.   The reading was slightly better than market consensus (0.2% for the Eurozone), which somewhat relieved concerns about the single currency economy. However, structural problems remained, including stubbornly high unemployment r

Japan 4Q13 GDP increased 0.3%    < 2014-02-18 >

Japan 4Q13 GDP growth registered at 0.3% QoQ, which was the same as that in 3Q13. The reading somewhat disappointed market as 4Q13 GDP was expected to reach 0.7% QoQ. For the whole year of 2013, the figure grew by 1.6% compared to 1.4% in 2012. Besides, GDP details might reveal that Abenomics was running out of steam. Among GDP components, Public investment was the major driver in 2013, which surged 11.4% compared to 2.8% in 2012. Many projects were related to infrastructures rebuilding after

Eurozone PMI retreated to 52.7    < 2014-02-21 >

Eurozone flash composite PMI in February retreated to 52.7 from 52.9, the final reading of January 2014. The decline was caused by manufacturing PMI, which edged down by 1 ppt to 54.0. Service PMI advanced to 51.7 in February from 51.6. In terms of individual countries’ performance, Germany manufacturing PMI slightly decreased to 54.7 in February, indicating a slower pace of expansion in production growth. Meanwhile, new orders and new exports orders increasing at faster pace suggests that bot

Japan January CPI declined 0.2% MoM    < 2014-02-28 >

Japan’s CPI in January 2014 posted a negative growth of -0.2% MoM for the first time over the past year, while the figure in the previous month was 0.0% MoM. Stripping out prices change in food and energy, the core inflation even declined 0.5% MoM. On a YoY basis, it registered at 1.4% increase, retreating from 1.6% one month ago, and core inflation stood at 0.7% YoY, the same as it was in December 2013. In terms of sub-categories, clothes and footwear prices dragged down the price level by pl

Eurozone February flash CPI stabilized at 0.8% YoY    < 2014-05-03 >

Eurozone price level stood at 0.8% YoY for the third consecutive month in February 2014 according to flash estimate. The headline figure was dampened by a further decline in energy prices that registered at -2.2% YoY in February, compared to -1.2% in January 2014. Moreover, food prices grew at a slower pace, increasing 1.5% YoY, 2 ppt down from the previous month. Stripping out food and energy, core inflation was trending upward over the past two months albeit mildly. The figure in February po

import shoe    < 2014-04-07 >

Hi, I am Akash.I want to import shoes or men's sandals from china to  Bangladesh.Now i want to know the all kinds of procedure.If someone knows please help me..... Reply: Please click on the HKTDC sourcing website and key in sandals you will find more than 500 companies supplying to various markets in the world. These suppliers are verified by various credentials on their quality and standard compliance. They are fully listed with product illustrations and other details ready for b

HKG FTA's    < 2011-06-16 >

Read in your forum that Hong Kong signed a FTA with New Zealand together with mainland China. Has it yet another FTA with anyone country in sight? Reply: According to Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), comprising Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, have concluded negotiations on a Hong Kong and EFTA Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Both sides will proceed to the legal verification and domestic approval process, with the

Export of indian mangoes to Australia    < 2009-03-17 >

We are dealing in all fruits and we are exporting your fruits in Singapore, Dubai and we are looking for exporting our mango in Australia.This year the government has permitted to import the Indian mango and i want to export my mango to Australia but i don't how to target the Australia market. Reply: The Australian government has announced that it will allow import of Indian mangoes from 2009 season following recommendations of an expert body dealing with import risks. The decision to allow im

Shenzhen JinDingXing Technology Co., Ltd    < 2014-03-27 >

Shenzhen JinDingXing Technology Co., Ltd These guys are just thieves .. They have cheated so many Indians , and I am one of them . Their website is very alluring . They took my 1000 dollars and gave nothing . sanjay Reply: We would like to suggest you write to the Inquiry and Answer section of the China Ministry of Commerce website which we think can guide you to find satisfactory answer. Please check here.

China Import tariff    < 2004-11-10 >

Could you please let know where I can access the Import& Export Tariff Rates in China? Have searched many time in Google but failed. The laws are not so transparent. Many thanks. Reply: China tariff schedules information can be perused, apart from TDC's Business InfoCentre, in the following websites: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade:

GPS Tracking Hardware and Software    < 2014-02-13 >

I want to import GPS Tracking Hardware and Software from China to India ( New Delhi ). I heard that there are some restrictions to import these products... can you please let me know the current legal formalities to do this.   Thanks for your help and co-operation in this regard.   Best Regards,   Deep Sardana Reply: There are no restrictions for GPS devices imported from China to India. Under HS 8526.91.90 the devices are charged at 7.5% basic import duty. N

Beer import TO China FROM Hong Kong    < 2014-04-25 >

Hi there   I would like to know any advice people may have for the export of beer to Mainland China from Hong Kong. Could anyone recommend an agent or company that specialises in this kind of cross-border export? The first shipments will be relatively small, but will grow.   Many thanks in advance Reply: Please refer to the sourcing website of the HKTDC and key in beer in the window space provided by the website and you will find hundreds of business contacts dealing wit

container fare    < 2014-04-16 >

I want to know about fare of 20 feet container...from Rotterdam to Karachi port

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