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Cork at its best    < 2014-05-03 >

Christophe Sauvaud, managing director of Amorim France. Amorim France acts as French subsidiary of a Portuguese group of companies. “Our parent company is active in many countries around the world, basically in every region where wine production is predominant,” explains Christophe Sauvaud, managing director of Amorim France. “In France, the group established a branch office in 1991. Before, distribution structures already existed on the French market. Over the past years, Amorim France h

Fresh pasta 100% “Made in Italy”    < 2014-05-03 >

All “Pasta” locations are stylish and open with clear lines; here the Montpellier location. The pasta portfolio of Pasta & Company encompasses “Le paste ripiene” – fresh pasta filled with meat, sausage or fish – and “Le paste non ripiene – fresh pasta which is not filled. “Le Audaci” comprises innovative products such as chocolate pasta or mixtures with ham and figs. Last but not least convenience products for the horeca market, such as lasagne, complete the product program. Still t

A matter of attitude    < 2014-05-03 >

Committed to organic food, Änder Schanck, founder and CEO of OIKOPOLIS SA in Luxembourg. “25 years ago, we were pioneers in the organic food trade by Luxembourgian farmers,” says Mr. Schanck, founder, motor and CEO of the OIKOPOLIS Group. “In 1989 I joined forces with other organic and biodynamic farmers in Luxembourg to establish BIOG, an association for processing and marketing the organic products of the farmers. In the same year, we inaugurated the first NATURATA retail store for orga

Fresh chicken from Hungary    < 2014-05-03 >

CEO Gabi Dvorácskó has a special relationship to retail trade. CEO Gabi Dvorácskó loves her work. During her studies in agricultural business management she already focused on poultry. As one of the three owners of Dvori Baromfi she is now responsible for management and marketing. “Basically, for everything, except for the finances,” she explains. “That is Zoltán Juhász’s job.” The focus of the company are the traditional individual stores. “We take care of the segment that nobody likes,

Fruits and vegetables grown with love    < 2014-05-03 >

“We are not an organic company but we do follow a sustainability strategy,” explains Managing Director Gilles Bertrandias. “Taste, production proximity and sustainability are cornerstones of this strategy. For example, we do not use fossil heating for our greenhouses. Our heating system is based on recycled waste. We are also involved in the development of new biological plant protection products and systems. We recycle all our waste in-house and last but not least proximity is an important asp

Happiness comes in a pink package    < 2014-05-03 >

Josef Manner produces Ildefonso’s creamy nougat squares, beloved by cafes. Josef Manner was a 25-year-old salesman when he opened a small shop in Vienna in 1890, just a stone’s throw from St. Stephan’s Cathedral. There, he sold coffee and small bars of chocolate he insisted on producing himself. “From the beginning he believed in creating chocolate that was of higher quality of what was available, not just a sweet but a valuable source of nutrition,” says Dr. Alfred Schrott, Head of Mar

A slice of America    < 2014-05-03 >

Creating the successful chain of American-style coffee shops is a labor of love for owner and Director Caroline Denti. Fittingly for an Italian company, the story of the California Bakery is a love story. It charts the love of the Milanese for authentic American treats and the love of the couple behind its success. The California Bakery was founded by Marco D’Arrigo in 1995. It was already something of a labor of love and a huge departure from his career to date as marketing director wi

Grape expectations    < 2014-05-03 >

Sanzio Evangelisti, export director of Mazzetti d’Altavilla distilled products, understands that a global marketplace wants tradition with a twist. Mazzetti d’Altavilla looks back on over a century and a half of production in Italy and is proud to be run by the sixth and seventh generations of the Mazzetti family. In 1846, Filippo Mazzetti founded his first distillery in Montemagno for the production of grappa. At that point, the family had not yet discovered the power of using grape sk

Specialty beer from Corsica    < 2014-05-03 >

Armelle and Dominique Sialelli, founders and owners of Corsica’s one and only brewery. “I am from Normandy, and my husband is Corsican,” says Armelle Sialelli, founder and owner of Brasserie Pietra together with her husband Dominique Sialelli. “At the beginning of the 1990s, we were looking for a business idea, a promising project for establishing ourselves in Corsica. Beer is our drink of choice, and we found out that this ‘liquid bread’ has been popular since ancient times as brewing be

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