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It is all financial experience    < 2014-05-03 >

Since its foundation in 2001, CFE has been focusing on supporting and advising export-oriented companies in Italy. Today, the company’s headquarters is located in Geneva, and CFE operates branches in Speyer, Paris and Buenos Aires. “At the beginning, we concentrated on small and medium-sized Italian enterprises that required export financing. Now we operate on a European basis. Among our customers are many large international companies that make use of our services. We are particularly strong

Flexible solutions for individual growth concepts    < 2014-05-03 >

Roberto Weckop, Director International & Marketing Now in its 25th year since the start of its business activities, Eurofactor provides factoring solutions and has received numerous awards for its excellent service. The high level of service quality is also reflected in strong customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction and innovation are the main priority in the development of concepts that are tailored to customers’ individual needs. The company’s broadly based product portfolio accounts

A bank for consumers    < 2014-05-03 >

“We aim for sustainable growth in the car sector in the coming years,” says the managing director. “To achieve this goal, we will join in new cooperations with traders and importers. Our direct business is on expan-sion course. This year we are going to open up three new branch offices; for 2014 we aim for the same number. Thanks to the selected specialization in business fields which coincide with the long-term experience and expertise of Banco Santander, the bank advanced to the leading Europ

Banking on trust    < 2014-05-03 >

Fredrik ‘Benke’ Rydman, starring in different TV commercials for Maginalen, and Fernando Miranda, CEO. In view of a disillusioned public, the very positive development of Marginalen is all the more pleasing for its owners, its management and its 500 employees. When the bank was created, it could draw on the experience of the founding companies. The acquisition of Citibank’s Swedish consumer business and subsequent merger with Bank2 resulted in the establishment of a group with headquart

Performance and responsibility    < 2014-05-03 >

Fédéris Gestion d’Actifs has 47 employees, including 17 asset managers and a global solutions team of four. The company has a total of 27.5 billion EUR in assets under management. “92% of the assets are funds provided by our parent company,” says Ms. Courrier. “The remaining 8% are external mandates or funds investing in our products.” The company manages around 40 own investment vehicles. In addition, it invests in select external funds outside its area of expertise. “Our main focus is on eur

Financial services from a single source    < 2014-05-03 >

The world in a card: CABEL Pay®, the safest solution for online purchases. Today, the CABEL Network comprises a variety of business sectors and businesses providing information technology and services to the banking and financing sector. A professional group of collaborators provides complementary services and contributes to the sustainability of objectives. Now as before, the consistent search for excellence is the essential tool chosen and applied by CABEL in all its operations on beh

World class financial solutions    < 2014-05-03 >

ALOC was founded by Karsten Bruun Andersen, who was a student at that time. He started developing algorithms for the Copenhagen Stock Exchange which led to an info terminal for exchange market processes and for the calculation of the return on assets. In 2005, the Danish company was bought by a financial service provider, BEC, which provides core banking systems. BEC’s strategic focus was important for the further development of ALOC. Today, ALOC’s main business areas are wealth management, tra

Safe investments in uncertain times    < 2014-05-03 >

Gustav Geipel, managing director of Broker Network Trier GmbH Since its foundation in 2005, Broker Network has been offering products which are different to most other products on the market. The company works as an official agent for Andrew Peat Finanz Consultants GmbH, Mönchengladbach, whose products do not have much in common with the traditional market. “Here, saving plans are not the main focus, but one-off investments,” underlines Managing Director Gustav Geipel. “With traditional

A rare phenomenon in private banking and asset management    < 2014-05-03 >

Its status as one of the few independent financial service providers in private ownership enables LGT Group to pursue long-term goals in a single-minded manner. Founded as Bank in Liechtenstein in 1920, its continuity and stability are reflected in its corporate culture, investment strategy and asset management. The very high ratings the bank continuously receives for its security and creditworthiness from respected independent agencies like Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s confirms its high

Mobility of the future    < 2014-05-03 >

President of Athlon Hans Blink with CEO of Snapp-Car Victor van Tol with whom Athlon formed a joint venture in May 2012 to also offer its customers carsharing solutions. “In fact, the changes in the employment market influence our business, too,” says CEO Hans Blink. “We have to find new solutions to meet new ways of life. There are some companies which are shifting from company cars to individual mobility budgets. For example, an employee gets a certain travel budget and has to decide on

Buy passports, drivers licenses, ID cards,birth certificates,diplomas,Visas,University degrees    < 2014-04-24 >

We produce high quality pass-portsss, driver’s licenses, ID cards, stamps,birth certificates,diplomas,Visas,SSN,bank notes,US green cards,University degrees,Marriage certificates and other documents for a number of countries like: USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom. This list is not full. Contact EMAIL….........;

Aliexpress!!! Why do you to to ruin my business???????????    < 2014-04-24 >

61263652347541-$10 61247167267541-$7 61228277937541-$12 61225260487541-$5 61257907717541 -$27  61259193177541 -$24 61798899047541 -$45   Total- $130   This refunds have not reflected in my acoount. Please help me out!    These have read finished but no refund has been made to my account for over two months. 

Chinese trader not sending the product, nor refunding    < 2014-04-22 >

Hello,   I am Nick from Greece. I bought a seat from a seller in China on Nov-2013. After a month or so he shipped the seat but the seat never appeared. He then told me that China Airpost could not fit it into the plane and that they returned it back to him. That was allready 4 months later. At this point I opened a dispute choosing the "The goods are on their way" or the like, that was never an option that said the goods where received by me.   Then he resent t

still no refund - almost 3 months later!    < 2014-04-25 >

so i won my refund 100%.  seller complained so i was asked to upload video proof.  did all that and now (this has been going on since january 14) there is absolutely NOWHERE on aliexpress to email them to ask or on alibaba.  i still do not have the refund and all i am now able to do is to cancel the dispute.  the goods were of an excessively poor quality and they were reading glasses.  they were so small that they did not fit on your head and if you did manage to put th

order number 60568078386057 aliexpress    < 2014-04-23 >

I purchased this back in December and never received the item I file a complaint and nothing happened upto now no product no refund ease help I just want my refund $51  thank you Tony

We Are Buying Discounted Instruments (Treasuries, MTNs and BGs)    < 2014-04-25 >

I am the owner of Broadcast Network For indie Artists and we broadcast music 24/7 via internet and satellite around the world.   I will buy discounted paper at $10 million current value once or twice a week. I will only buy U.S. Treasuries or MTN/BGs from major banks. I do not give out personalinformation to anyone I do not know, as this has caused me difficulty in the past. I can do spot buy or contracts and once I am comfortable with seller, I will move up to larger amounts. I do not

payment    < 2014-04-26 >

Hi! Can I pay on with  Visa card israeli  or Paypal?

Stolen money    < 2014-04-23 >

On 15 April somebody order from may occaunt £140.89 order numb 0002155061 please help

Help me    < 2014-04-27 >

Hello I recently ordered the items on this site and paid for it. later I received a letter from aliekspress that this product is temporarily frozen. then I had only the string "add to cart again," if I got this product. actually I just paid it! tell me how to get back?

Customs and Fees    < 2014-04-24 >

Dear Sirs,  I want to make an order and I want to know how I can find out how much money do I have to pay for customs or any other fees for the transportation of my order to Greece. Please inform me  Thank you

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