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Meeting the dual challenge    < 2014-05-03 >

Managing Director Andreas Huke It makes sense to improve energy efficiency and reduce the power required to provide products and services. Different measures such as the insulation of buildings, the use of energy-efficient facilities and advanced manufacturing technologies help to make the best use of our precious resources. At the same time, reducing the consumption of energy is regarded as a contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Improved energy efficiency in build

An Italian family company with a vision    < 2014-05-03 >

“We are a family enterprise run by the third generation, and we want to show our customers that we are well prepared for the future and new demands,” says Emanuele Turco, commercial director and responsible for marketing. “We give ourselves and our partners a future.”

New life to your indoor climate    < 2014-05-03 >

Henning Holm Sørensen, management and marketing department “We still invest much in R&D in order to stay at the forefront of our industry,” says Henning Holm Sørensen, management and marketing department. “People’s awareness of the advantages of heat recovery keeps increasing, and in the last years we have seen enormous growth in some countries. Germany, for example, has always been a key market for us, as it is one of the pioneers of the green movement, but now it is growing at an

Modern services for the future energy market    < 2014-05-03 >

Besides actual metering services, the company offers reporting services, which enable the clients to establish benchmarks Today, GETEC net runs over 70 area networks. The second mainstay of the company is commercial services for utilities. “The regional suppliers have technical connection standards which are always bound to account for a whole supply area,” says Mr. Mevert. “If owners of complex properties request innovative solutions, quite often, these do not comply with the standard

Gorleben – developing from a nuclear waste disposal site into a competence centre for renewable energies    < 2014-05-03 >

In 1997 the three partners Dreyer, Bosse and Heisike made their first experiments to make energetic use of slurry and developed engines for its processing. They recognised the potential of the biogas market early. In 2000, the first renewable energy regulation came out. Soon, the new law had boosted the market for the processing of agricultural waste. Of course, the new company strongly benefitted from the new trend and enhanced its research and development activities in complete systems. Soo

Bundling power for Swiss gas suppliers    < 2014-05-03 >

“Our aim is always to secure a permanent energy supply for the long run and to competitive terms,” points out Mr. Rorbach. “At the moment, Swissgas handles about two thirds of Swiss natural gas procurement.” The company imports the natural gas mainly from gas-producing areas in the EU and Norway. In doing so, the firm focuses on long-term contracts with different suppliers as well as the use of spot markets for natural gas.

Top heating with straw    < 2014-05-03 >

“The technology is still relatively unknown, but it is very innovative and efficient,” explains owner Dipl.-Ing. Christian Herlt. The medium-sized manufacturer draws on profound competence in this state-of-the-art technology and offers highly efficient heating systems. The portfolio boasts special ovens (series HS) whole bale carburetors (up to complete power plants), buffer storages for solar collectors, solar collectors and cooling systems based on evaporation. “With the whole bale carburet

Solid solar returns    < 2014-05-03 >

JIT Solaire is specialized in largescale, turnkey photovoltaic projects for investors in the renewable energy sector. The company was founded by Frank Braudel and Jérôme Bailleul in Poitiers in 2007 at a time with a very favourable climate for photovoltaic energy. In 2008, JIT Solaire completed the first installations in the Poitiers area. “We financed the first systems ourselves, completely without bank loans,” says Director Frank Braudel. Later that same year, JIT Solaire started cooperatin

Reducing the energy bill    < 2014-05-03 >

Power Electronics was established by Abelardo Salvo in 1987. “The founder realized very early that a gap in the market of power electronic devices existed,” explains Javier Perez, marketing director of Power Electronics and with the company for more than two years. “Therefore, he started with development and production activities, and was able to offer a reliable 24/7 customer service.”

Green energy on the safe side    < 2014-05-03 >

ETOGAS’s successful management team Dipl.-Ing. Gregor Waldstein founded the company in 2007 in Salzburg, Austria, as Solar Fuel GmbH. In 2010, the company moved to Germany and changed its name into ETOGAS in 2013. Today, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, ETOGAS has a workforce of 20 employees and a turnover of around 4 million EUR. “The lack of large storage capacities for green energy is a topic of utmost importance,” underlines Mr. Rieke. “The storage of renewable energy is a key

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