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We provide real core competence    < 2014-05-03 >

The company’s history dates back to the year 1945. Between 1989 and 1999 RITZ acquired WTW in Wirges, MWB in Bamberg and TUR in Dresden, which had emerged from the inventor of instrument transformers Koch & Sterzel from Dresden, thus forming a strong group of companies. Today, RITZ, headquartered in Hamburg, operates eight locations worldwide.

Competent in controls    < 2014-05-03 >

Managing Partner Joachim Tauscher presenting the SMART management system for high class building services engineering at the ConLife 2010. SMART Electronic is specialised in custom-engineered electronic hardware and software solutions that offer superior quality and user-friendliness. The company was founded as an engineering office in 1988, by Wolfgang Neu and Joachim Tauscher, two former Bosch employees. Later, it became a private limited company and was run under the name of SMART Elec

Always empowered    < 2014-05-03 >

Managing Director Günter Mayer stresses the high competence in power converter production. Due to its long years in the power converter market, PCS knows the rail business inside out and is able to develop and supply special inverters and electric equipment for almost any type of rail vehicle. In addition, it provides industry with high performance power converters for various applications. Since 2005, the company has been developing innovative energy systems used for wind turbines in or

Experts in switch case air conditioning    < 2014-05-03 >

Altogether, the portfolio of RO/SE encompasses over 70 different heating types which have all been developed in-house. Still, they are all produced at the RO/SE facilities. “Around half of our products are standard products; the other half are individual products tailormade to the requirements of our customers,” says company founder and Managing Director Josef Brunner. “Our latest innovations are a special under-seat heating which we developed for underground trains in Eastern Europe and new g

Reducing electricity costs    < 2014-05-03 >

Customers are supplied with exactly the voltage they need and only pay for the electricity they need. The implementation of a RENECOST® plant does not require any building changes. The plants are implemented between the low- voltage main distribution and the consumption circle. Thanks to the internal, fully automatic and smooth bypass, you have a 100% supply guarantee. In addition to the mere cost savings, the life span of the operation equipment is lengthened thanks to the stable voltage lev

A Hungarian success story about top engineering and courage    < 2014-05-03 >

Process control solutions for the rail industry, electric power plants and for energy management are the core competence of Prolan. It was a milestone in the company’s history when Prolan decided to participate in a 1995 World Bank tender as the biggest Hungarian subcontractor of Siemens Minneapolis and was awarded the contract allowing it to participate in this project. At that time, Prolan was comparatively small and had a staff of only 30. In the course of this million Euro project t

Innovative, high-technology power converters    < 2014-05-03 >

R.G.M. was founded in 1986. From the beginning, the company has concentrated on power supply products which were first distributed on the Italian market and then internationally. Today, it has 115 employees, a turnover of 23 million EUR and three fully equipped plants in Genoa, Lerma and Coreglia Ligure. The power supply units are mainly used in the medical, railway and industrial markets.

Lighting the future    < 2014-05-03 >

Two partners, one global vision: Managing Director Carsten Ullrich and Dr. Thomas Wiemers. Founded in 2005 as a start-up company, smartlux is full of ideas, visions and passion for intelligent lighting systems. “Right from the beginning we have been successful on the competitive market and quickly gained the reputation as a trendsetter especially in the field of area lighting,” says Managing Director Carsten Ullrich. “Due to our committed team of employees, we still have the dynamic spi

Videoconferencing made easy    < 2014-05-03 >

CEO of Easymeeting Evan James Andriopoulos “You can say that Easymeeting AS builds the future of operator services for videoconferencing,” states Evan James Andriopoulos, CEO of Easymeeting. “Using state-of-the-art technology we deliver simple and user-friendly services to all types of videoconferencing systems. You can connect them seamlessly with your mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac, and others.” The product portfolio of Easymeeting boasts the cloud service EasyConferenc

At home in the world of digital TV    < 2014-05-03 >

Udo Scalla, managing director of TechniSat Digital S.A. is responsible for international business. “We aim to create real added value for our customers abroad,” explains Managing Director Luxembourg Udo Scalla. “This means that we do more than just copy the devices from Germany. We have to develop solutions that meet the specific national needs. In the Set-Up-Box sector we already realize respective applications. We do not only produce the hardware but also the software which is tailor-ma

Diana Store Thailand - BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!    < 2014-04-23 >

Hi everyone,   Be very careful when you deal with this company. After I have paid for the goods, they just stopped responding to my calls and emails. To date, I have yet to see my goods. I managed to contact them by calling another tel number that is listed in A l i b a b a for another product. The person who picked up my call sounded exactly like the same person, yet he denied that he was that person and insisted that the other person had been hospitalized and he promised to call me b

xmcentrawin.com    < 2014-04-19 >

Xmcentrawin.com is a fake side. I send money via western union two days later i got a email i shut pay money again for a brand tax. Be carefull....... Reply: Didn't it raise any question that the website is less then 1 month old? Reply: I have found ONLY ONE HONEST PERSON HERE!!!   I PAID 100% IMMEDIATE.  I ASKED QUESTIONS & KEPT COMMUNICATIONS OPENED. I WAS A GOOD AND HONEST CUSTOMER SCAMMED BY EACH & EVERY ONE OF THESE PEOPLE!!!   EVERY ORDER (

Alba Star is a Thief!    < 2014-04-21 >

http://albastar.trustpass.alibaba.com/   Thief!  Stole $600 US from me.  Promised trauma shears in 7 colors and has not shipped.  Every email is an excuse.    Avoid this seller!!

anti sleep alarm    < 2014-04-24 >

how do i press an  order .i have been going in circle.can someone help me understsnd .

Mobile phone charger    < 2014-04-21 >

Hello, we are the China mobile phone charger supplier, we have 10 years of experience in the production of the charger, the charger comes with each each Korea KC, CE UL certification, please visit our website http://ftjtcyn .1688. COM, contact QQ995849987 Address: China, Guangdong, Jiangmen City Jianghai

Shenzhen brilliant Industrial sent me a FAKE 64gb micro SD card    < 2014-04-12 >

The seller sent me a FAKE micro sd card !!! This is unbelievable! I´m NEVER gonna buy on A l i E x p r e s s again! This never happened to me on DealExtreme!   I´ve lost all files I put on the SD. My phone got sluggish and had MANY reboots! I took off the SD and put it on my PC to do some testing. Here are the results:   Warning: Only 63967 of 63968 MByte tested. The media is likely to be defective. 7.6 GByte OK (16144536 sectors) 54.7 GByte DATA LOST (11

[Szseawing Technology Co., Ltd.] Scam warning    < 2014-04-03 >

Hello, anyone could please provide more informations about this seller ? Is it a scammer ?   Reply: Hello, dear friend, could you provide me more detailed about thier information, just like website, address, telephone number, etc... Reply: The Shenzhen Industry Topkeen a cheating cég.2865 dollars Memory cards are ordered, but it turned out to be false poor quality cards are sent out. I have written to them but just playing for time to slow the system. The sales manege

scammer    < 2014-04-05 >

www.highgate.com are scammers do not buy anything from this site does not send money and just a scam Reply: The Shenzhen Industry Topkeen a cheating cég.2865 dollars Memory cards are ordered, but it turned out to be false poor quality cards are sent out. I have written to them but just playing for time to slow the system. The sales maneger Molly mediator of fraud. Ever since I transferred the amount (I did not get flood way) do not want to talk to me. Now to the police regarding

cigarettes    < 2014-04-25 >

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