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Brazil Announces New Conformity Assessment Provisions for Certain Auto Parts, Clarifies Requirements for Certain Plastic Seats    < 2013-05-26 >

Brazil’s National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) recently approved new mandatory conformity assessment requirements for certain automotive parts and clarified the scope of the current technical standards for plastic seats for sporting events. First, INMETRO Directive 268/2013 sets forth new provisions to assess the conformity of motor vehicle steering terminals, steering rods, tie bars and axial bar sets with the technical standards for these products la

Canada Aligns Domestic Tyre Safety Provisions with U.S. Requirements    < 2013-12-13 >

The Canadian government on 20 November issued the Motor Vehicle Tire Safety Regulations 2013, which repeal and amend the old tyre regulations in an effort to facilitate alignment with the more stringent U.S. safety and marking requirements for these products. Specifically, the regulations introduce most of the requirements of U.S. tyre safety standards FMVSS 109, 119 and 139 into Technical Standards Document No. 109, New Tires and Certain Specialty Tires; Technical Standards Document No. 199, N

Argentina Temporarily Suspends Licensing Requirements for Certain Tyres    < 2010-05-19 >

Argentinean authorities established on 23 January 2009 a non-automatic licensing requirement for certain new pneumatic tyres imports into Argentina for consumption. For about a year importers have been required to obtain a Certificate of Importation of Tyres for all importations of subject merchandise classified under NCM 4011.10.00, 4011.20.90, 4011.61.00, 4011.92.10 and 4011.92.90. However, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism issued on 8 March a resolution that suspends until 1 June the appl

Brazil Issues Conformity Certification Requirements for Cribs, Extends Deadline to Comply with Tyre Certification Requirements    < 2011-05-03 >

Brazil’s National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) issued a regulation on 24 June (INMETRO Directive 269/2011) that will require cribs imported or manufactured domestically for sale in Brazil to comply with certain mandatory product safety certification requirements beginning on 24 December 2012. Cribs commercialised in Brazil by importers and domestic producers must comply with the certification requirements by 24 June 2013 while cribs commercialised by o

Washington State Enacts Legislation to Phase Out Use of Certain Metals in Brake Pads    < 2010-05-14 >

Washington recently became the first U.S. state to regulate the use of copper and other heavy metals and toxic materials in brake pads for motor vehicles in an effort to protect salmon and other aquatic life in the state. Specifically, Washington enacted a measure into law last March that will prohibit effective from 1 January 2014 the sale of brake friction material (i.e., the part of a motor vehicle brake designed to retard or stop the movement of a motor vehicle through friction against a ro

Brazil Issues Conformity Certification Requirements for Certain Auto Parts, Seeks Input on Requirements for Syringes/Needles    < 2011-08-03 >

As reported in previous issues of Business-Alert , Brazil’s National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) is immersed in a comprehensive effort to establish mandatory certification requirements on a range of household and other consumer products. The latest effort involves a directive dated 21 July (INMETRO Directive 301/2011) that establishes new certification standards for certain automotive parts destined for the replacement market, namely shock absorbers;

Court Overturns CV Duties on Mainland Chinese Tyres; Ruling Could Have Broad Impact on Imports    < 2010-08-20 >

In a decision that could affect countervailing duty cases against a number of imported goods from mainland China, the U.S. Court of International Trade ruled on 4 August that the U.S. Department of Commerce did not comply with the court’s remand instructions in a case that challenged the final affirmative determinations in the antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings involving certain mainland Chinese new pneumatic off-the-road tyres classified under HTSUS 4011.20.1025, 4011.20.1035, 401

Ecuador Implements Licensing Requirements for Tyres, Cell Phones and Other Products    < 2011-10-14 >

Over the past five years the government of Ecuador has established various trade barriers on imports to correct persistent balance of payment imbalances and shield domestic producers from foreign competition. The latest effort at controlling the flow of imports into the country involves the establishment effective from 17 September of non-automatic licensing requirements for certain new pneumatic tyres, refrigerators, freezers, combined refrigerator-freezers, other refrigeration equipment and p

Auto Parts from China Could be Subject of New Enforcement Action    < 2012-05-03 >

Speculation is growing that the Obama administration could soon announce some sort of trade enforcement action against auto parts from mainland China. The Alliance for American Manufacturing, a non-profit partnership of leading manufacturers and the United Steelworkers, recently released three reports drawing a line between mainland China’s “illegal trading practices” and U.S. employment in this sector, and in an election year with a still-struggling domestic economy the White House could see t

Safeguard Duties on Mainland Chinese Tyres to Be Reduced as Scheduled on 26 September    < 2010-09-17 >

Mainland Chinese exporters of tyres should be aware that the safeguard duties that are currently in place in the United States on imports of mainland Chinese new pneumatic rubber tyres of a kind used on motor cars (except racing cars) and on-the-highway light lorries, vans and sport utility vehicles, classified under HTSUS subheadings 4011.10.10, 4011.10.50, 4011.20.10 and 4011.20.50, will be reduced from 35 percent to 30 percent effective 26 September. These duties, which are in addition to th

Safeguard Duties on Mainland Chinese Tyres to Expire 26 September    < 2012-09-28 >

Mainland Chinese exporters of tyres should be aware that the safeguard duties that have been in place for three years on imports of mainland Chinese new pneumatic rubber tyres of a kind used on motor cars (except racing cars) and on-the-highway light lorries, vans and sport utility vehicles, classified under HTSUS subheadings 4011.10.10, 4011.10.50, 4011.20.10 and 4011.20.50, will be eliminated as scheduled on 26 September. These duties, which are in addition to the regular most-favoured-nation

New Proposal Would Require Event Data Recorders in Most Light Motor Vehicles    < 2013-01-18 >

The Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is seeking comments by 11 February on a proposal to establish a new safety standard mandating the installation of event data recorders in most light motor vehicles manufactured on or after 1 September 2014. The EDRs in those vehicles would be required to comply with current U.S. standards for data elements, data capture and format, data retrieval, and data crash survivability for EDRs. An EDR is a function or dev

DOC Tentatively Agrees to Rescind CV Duties on Two Mainland Chinese Tyre Exporters Following Court Action    < 2010-10-29 >

The U.S. Department of Commerce issued on 12 October a notice in the Federal Register indicating its intention to rescind the countervailing duty order on certain mainland Chinese off-the-road tyres with respect to two producers/exporters that challenged the legality of that order before the U.S. Court of International Trade. However, the U.S. government is expected to appeal the CIT’s decision to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which means that a final outcome in this case

Brazil Approves New Technical Requirements for Concrete Blocks and Certain Automotive Parts    < 2013-05-17 >

Brazil's National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) recently approved new mandatory technical requirements for concrete blocks for masonry and certain automotive parts. The requirements for concrete blocks will not apply to ceramic, glass, soil-cement, sand-lime and certain other blocks. Among other things, the concrete blocks subject to this regulation will have to comply with certain requirements related to marking, dimensions, sampling and test methods.

California Proposes Wide-Ranging Changes to Flammability Standard for Upholstered Furniture    < 2013-05-03 >

In a move praised by several consumer advocacy groups but opposed by one of the main associations representing U.S. chemicals manufacturers, the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation is proposing to amend the state's flammability standard for upholstered furniture and certain other products in a way that would allow manufacturers to refrain from using toxic flame retardants in those products. The Bureau is cu

Forfeiture of Seized Plant and Animal Imports Subject of USDA Proposed Rule    < 2013-05-31 >

APHIS is seeking comments by 22 July on a proposal to update its regulations setting forth forfeiture procedures with regard to plants or plant products seized under the authority of the Endangered Species Act or the Lacey Act. According to APHIS, the proposed changes would conform these regulations to the requirements of the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000, increase the monetary threshold of cases proceeding through judicial forfeiture, and provide for the assessment of storage costs

EPA Proposes to Implement Formaldehyde Emission Standards for Composite Wood Products    < 2013-05-14 >

Nearly two-and-a-half years after they officially entered into force and about six months after implementing regulations were due, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to implement the U.S. standards for formaldehyde emissions from hardwood plywood, medium-density fibreboard and particleboard that were included in the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act of 2010. Under the EPA proposal, one year after publication of a final rule in the Federal Register all hardwo

Petition Filed to Prohibit Accessible Cords on Window Covering Products    < 2013-05-26 >

The CPSC has received a petition from nine organisations representing consumer groups, safety consultants and legal counsel requesting that it (1) promulgate a mandatory standard that prohibits any window covering cords when a feasible cordless alternative exists, and (2) require that all window covering cords be made inaccessible through the use of a passive guardian device when a feasible cordless alternative does not exist. The petition asserts that a mandatory rule is necessary because atte

DOE Moves Forward with Energy Conservation Rulemakings for Various Products    < 2013-11-03 >

The Department of Energy has taken five actions of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chinese exporters and manufacturers of dehumidifiers; ceiling fans; showerhead, faucets, water closets and related products; and certain commercial and industrial equipment. First, the DOE has issued a final rule incorporating into its regulations effective from 23 October the following provisions of the American Energy Manufacturing Technical Corrections Act regarding certain consumer products and c

Argentina Prohibits Use of Certain Active Ingredients in Household Cleaning Products    < 2013-12-13 >

Argentina's Ministry of Health has prohibited through Resolution 1631/2013 the use of the active principles Bendiocarb, Propoxur and Fenitrotion as ingredients in disinfecting household cleaning products sold freely in the domestic market, with the exception of bait included in child-proof bait holders that are certified as such through a test performed by a competent official body. In addition, the use of these three active principles has been banned in fumigant products, the use of Bendiocarb

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