Creative procurement solutions that add value

< 2014-05-03 >

Simon Hegele Supply Chain Services was founded in 2007 as a subsidiary of Simon Hegele GmbH. The idea behind the new company was to offer procurement and stock management services to complement its existing logistics offering.

“The new service took off quickly,” says Managing Director Mike Schimke. “The volume of stock that we were handling on behalf of our clients grew steadily as we converted more and more of our parent company’s customers to our complementary service.”

Today, Simon Hegele SCS generates turnover of 50 million EUR and manages procurement volumes worth between 30 and 50 million EUR. The company is still relatively small, with just 25 employees compared with 2,500 for the group. However, with access to the group’s network of 27 offices worldwide, global support is guaranteed.

The company’s core activity is the furnishing of operative procurement chain services. “The client still takes all the strategic decisions regarding what is purchased and from whom, but we then put these decisions into action and ensure that the purchased items are delivered where and when they are required,” explains Mr. Schimke. “The advantages for clients are greater efficiency throughout the procurement supply chain and associated cost savings.”

The benefit to clients of the service lies in centralized process coordination and outsourced purchasing functions that allow the client to focus on their core competence.

Simon Hegele SCS still sees itself as a work in progress and is currently looking into taking its service a step further to encompass strategic decision making.