Fabrics for luxurious fashion

< 2014-05-03 >

Extremely luxurious fabrics made of silk, wool or cotton have to breathe the right quality, as otherwise, most fashion brands cannot embark on new production. They strongly focus on small, but fine weaving factories and dyeing and printing plants that know their craft inside out.

“We are one of the leading suppliers in this segment, and our customers are some of the large fashion brands, among them prominent premium brands,” points out Sales Director and Co-Owner Filippo Girani. His father Giancarlo Girani founded the company in Como in 1993. “We see ourselves in the role of a converter, focusing on our creative activities and our designs.”

The finished fabrics are distributed directly to the customer’s production site. “We offer perfect joint solutions, including weaving factory and dyeing and printing plant. Thus, we safeguard the exchange of know-how and a high level of autonomy,” states Mr. Girani. Currently, business is doing well, and the demand for luxury fabrics processed in haute couture, luxury and preta-porter collections is still strong.

“We generated a turnover of over 20 million EUR in 2012,” stresses Mr. Girani. “The company’s development is still on the upsurge, and we predict that our export activities will remain at a high level within the near future.”