10,000 special transports in less than ten years

< 2014-05-03 >

Based in Upper Bavaria, WeiLa Transport is a Europe-wide operating freight forwarder and logistics services provider for standard and special transports. The company was founded by Dieter Langer and Günter Weinzierl in 2005.

“Both had at that time more than 25 years of experience in the transport sector,” says Sales Manager Benjamin Weinzierl, co-owner and son of company co-founder Günter Weinzierl who died in March 2013. Today, WeiLa Transport has a workforce of 60 people and generates annual revenues of 7.4 million EUR.

The company has a comprehensive vehicle fleet, with an average age of just 18 months, including 40 towing units and a wide range of semi-trailers, special trailers, mega trailers, transporters, delivery vans and escort vehicles. “Our extensive fleet enables us to cover all customer transport needs from rapid courier services to oversized, heavyweight loads,” states Mr. Weinzierl.

The service portfolio of WeiLa Transport includes standard transports on a just-in-time basis, such as spare parts deliveries for customers in the automotive industry, special transports for all kinds of non-standard cargo, such as heavyweight aerospace assemblies.