On the roads of Europe

< 2014-05-03 >

Today, Transalkim perfectly masters the smooth flow of goods in the whole of Europe and provides customized logistics concepts through-out. “We started in Stuttgart in 1980 in cooperation with a partner in Istanbul and developed our land transport concept to Turkey. Later on, new subsidiaries in Hungary, the Netherlands and Romania start-ed to operate,” points out Managing Director Rainer Sandow.

Three years ago, Transalkim opened a new logistics center in Bucharest, which boasts 10,000 m² of high-rack warehouse facilities. Here, up to 38,000 small articles are stored, managed and commissioned for leading companies. “We followed large customers to Hungary and Romania, and set up terminals to meet their requirements. We now dispose of a storage and handling area of 40,000 m²,” stresses Mr. Sandow. “We do not use any of our own equipment for surface transports within Europe, but instead work with reliable freight forwarders on a contractual basis. The vehicles are arranged by Transalkim.”