A global approach

< 2014-05-03 >

The history of the enterprise dates back to 1926, when Shri Gajadhar Mansinghka founded his first textile business in India. “Today, the Indian-based group of companies is run by Anil Mansinghka,” explains Amit Lath, managing partner at Sharda Europe, and with the company for 15 years.

Mr. Lath is responsible for developing new products in terms of company sales, and maintaining relationships with banks and trade partners. “The enterprise’s original focus was set on the supply of raw materials for factories and manufacturers. The main market back then was found in Asia.”

In the course of time, Sharda Group continuously expanded its activities on the domestic and foreign market. “In 1998, we entered the Polish market,” states the managing partner. “Eight years later, in 2006, we also began activities in Turkey. A full fledged office and warehouse was bought to handle additional supplies.”

Between 2009 and 2010, two large Polish brands were acquired by Sharda Europe. “Uniontex and Parnotex, two long-established and successful companies in Poland, became part of our business,” says Mr. Lath. “In the past few years, our entrepreneurial structures in Poland were also honoured by several awards. For example, we won the gazelle business award for three consecutive years, and celebrated our 25th jubilee in 2011. In 2012, we received the Fair Play award and were the first Indian company in Poland to be nominated for the top 500 list of FORBES Diamond in 2012.”

Today, Sharda Europe is ranked as number one in the textile sector by the Polish Ministery of Economy and ranges among the top ten companies regarding trade cooperation between India and Poland. “Our European headquarters are located in Pabianice in the Łódz district in Poland,” explains the managing partner. “Together with our team of 87 employees, we were able to generate an annual turnover of 70 million EUR in the previous year. Apart from our head office in Pabianice, we maintain multiple foreign offices throughout Europe, for example in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Hungary.”

Furthermore, Sharda Europe has representatives, sales offices and warehouses in Vilnius, Lithuania, to service the Baltic region. “The head office for the entire group of companies is located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, in India,” states Mr. Lath. “Its entire business has spread the wings to Europe, the Middle East and the USA, for example, and is currently present in 60 countries all around the world.”

As strong believers in the saying “The customer is king”, the enterprise serves its customers in the best possible manner. “Ever since, the Sharda Group sought to attract the industry’s finest of talents in order to establish a highly professional team,” says the managing partner. “Our march towards growth and excellence makes for some of the market’s most comprehensive product portfolios.”

The Sharda Group is a multi-product and multi-national enterprise focusing on fabrics, yarns and home textiles. “We are motivated on a daily basis by three major principles: quality, innovation and customer service,” explains Mr. Lath. “Our motivated and skilled employees offer the right individual product and deliver textile solutions at the right time and price. At our Indian headquarters in Bhilwara, we maintain a modern stitching facility with 48 million meters of annual fabric capacities. Our textile products are made from the highest quality materials due to our strategically wide network of European offices and warehouses.”

The company provides modern fabric solutions that meet the high demands and requirements of their fabrics and home textile divisions. “We started with only 48 looms and have grown to 48 million meters per annum,” states the managing partner. “Today, we generate incredible revenues regarding fabric and yarn sales in both the domestic market and on the international stage. Our yarn business makes up for about 85% of our total turnover, with more than 700 customers involved.”

Sharda Europe supplies grey and dyed yarn as well as special and carpet yarn for European factories. “Our customers make use of our products to manufacture bed linens, bandages, uniforms or mattresses for hospitals,” says Mr. Lath.

“In the home textile sector, towels, table runners, napkins, tapestry and upholstery are often produced with our raw materials. In addition, our high quality yarn is used for t-shirts, trousers, jeans, socks or insoles for shoes. Yarns for carpeting is extremely popular in Turkey, where a highly competitive industry is found. Currently, we have more than 150 Turkish clients that manufacture carpets and are supplied with our materials.”

Sharda Europe’s home textiles are also a solid contributor to the company’s total turnover. “Our two Polish brands Uniontex and Parnotex supply the entire retail chain, for example Real in Germany and Carrefour in France,” explains the managing partner. “We have more than 400 customers from the home textile industry and will continue to focus on this sector by adding extra incentives and services. These will include optional credit plans or inventory space.”

In terms of marketing, the company concentrates on various means, and combines both traditional and modern ways of communication. “We regularly take part in international trade fairs, textile conferences and exhibitions,” states Mr. Lath. “Another aspect of marketing includes face to face meetings with customers and interested parties. Needless to say, that we also maintain our own company website.”

These broad-based undertakings are also noticeable in Sharda Europe’s foreign business, which currently sums up to 40%. “Our core markets are located in Spain and Portugal,” says the managing partner. “The Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia also provide good potential for our business.”

With these promising structures, the company does not hesitate to name its factors of success. “We are an on-time delivery and full service provider that provides high quality materials and products,” explains Mr. Lath. “As reliable partner with good reputation, we maintain excellent business relationships with clients and representatives.”

In the future, Sharda Europe strives to extend its activities in Europe. “We are planning to manufacture in Central or Eastern Europe,” states the managing partner. “Even with strong competition ahead, we want to be able to compete in European countries. If we continue to diversify our products and work with our key partners, our success in Europe is guaranteed.”