Looking for perfection

< 2014-05-03 >

“Every season, we start again, every six months it is a new challenge to succeed. Finding perfection is the constant drive,” says Commercial Director Chantal Spaas who founded the fashion brand together with Sofie d’Hoore more than 20 years ago.

While Ms. Spaas concentrates on the commercial side of the business, selling the collection designed by Sofie d’Hoore, her business partner Sofie d’Hoore is the ‘fashion brain’ behind the brand. “We really started with one pair of trousers, then a few cardigans and a coat followed,” recalls Ms. Spaas. “After five years in the business, we participated in international salons in Paris and Italy and that really was the breakthrough. Even after 2008 when everybody was talking about the financial crisis, we have been able to increase our business activities,” adds Ms. Spaas.