Welcome off season

< 2014-05-03 >

More and more people appreciate the fact that off-season holidays have many advantages: less people to fill restaurants, shops and facilities, friendlier services and lower prices make for a more relaxed time. Off-season holidays used to be mostly booked by elderly and retired people, who were free in their choice of time. In recent years, however, more flexible school holiday schedules in Europe and altered consumer habits have changed this situation considerably.

“People these days tend to take several short breaks rather than several weeks in one go at peak season,” comments François Sabatino, general director Kawan Group. “That means that the benefits of off-season holidays are now available and appreciated by families, too.”

When Kawan Group was first established at Simard, France, the main idea was to encourage camping and caravanning enthusiasts to use campsites off season. The idea quickly caught on, and by 1997 Kawan Group comprised more than 600 campsites that accepted its vouchers. Kawan Group’s camping cheques allow guests to stay at quality-approved camp and caravan sites off season at very favourable prices. In all, there are 622 specially selected three-, four- and five-star sites to choose from today in 29 European countries plus Morocco with savings of up to 60% on the usual campsite prices.