Innovative ideas for international transport

< 2014-05-03 >

“Our Multi-Trailer is a double-decker lorry which was developed by our company owner Bernd Marbach in 1998,” explains Michael Marbach, assistant to the management. He has been active in the company for seven years now. “We hold a patent for this lorry, and it is used exclusively by us. Compared to other double-decker lorries, our Multi-Trailer offers several advantages. Most important is that it enables short loading and unloading times as well as a 60% higher loading capacity, compared to conventional double-decker trailers – loading more and driving less is the motto of the Multi-Trailer. Loading the first deck is like loading a standard trailer. For loading the second level, the entire Multi-Trailer is lifted to the height of the ramp using four hydraulic props. As a result, the upper and lower levels can be loaded like a standard semi-trailer. You do not need an extra lifting ramp, which would cost extra time. The intermediate bottom and the trailer can be adjusted to the height of the ramp, supporting direct loading and unloading. This means that the flow of goods from the storing position to the trailer is not interrupted, and you do not need additional pallet trucks or personnel. This concept is also independent of additional infrastructure. The occupied storage area is free again within the shortest time possible.”

In addition to Multi-Trailers, the group’s fleet encompasses 180 additional trailers and towing vehicles, from open trailers through to cooling trailers. The company’s slogan “customer-oriented, quality-conscious, ready for development” stands for great flexibility when it comes to processing transports of any kind, including food and non-food products, deep-frozen goods and industrial products such as steel, concrete and long iron.

In Europe, the neighbouring countries as well as Southern Europe are key markets. Outside of the EU, the group of companies is supplying more and more clients in Russia. Marbach Concepte is the latest innovation of the Marbach group, which has developed superbly so far.

With this company, the Marbach family specializes in closed vehicle transports for the automotive industry, for example on the occasion of trade fairs or races. “Of course, we aim to grow with the two companies Zeyer and Marbach Concepte but on a solid basis, without losing our roots and our much valued flexibility,” says Mr. Marbach. “At the begining of 2014, we will present the second Multi-Trailer generation. This is a clear statement that we will continue to work on innovative solutions in the coming years, too.”