Zhejiang Gpilot Technology Co., Ltd

Main Business

Bonding wire, wire bonding

About Us

Zhejiang Gpilot Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. As a high and new technology enterprise,Website:http://www.gpilot-bondingwire.com, we develop, manufacture and supply bonding wires made of gold, copper and silver. 13 years research and sales in the field, now we have a experienced technical team, obtains 13 patents and 1 patent in application.
Based on the field of packaging materials for semiconductor, our main products are gold bonding wires, special (Au+Ag) bonding wires, silver alloy bonding wires, copper bonding wires and silver bonding wires. Good products, excellent services and continuous innovation, we make unremitting effort to become a leading provider in packaging materials for semiconductor.