lab vibrating screen for sand

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Jul 27, 2016

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 lab vibrating screen for sand

Standard Lab Analyzing Vibrating Sieve

Company information
We are a professional factory to produce high-precision sieve mesh, filter sieve and vibration screening and filtration equipment.which is also the first domestic production of vibrating screen equipment manufacturers.We are designed to raise the quality,improve the efficiency.cut down the capitalized cost, reduce well as supporting the production line.As the professional manufacturer of screening.we are pleased to offer you the best product in a competitive price.

Working principle
test sieve machine with new vertical vibration motor as vibration source,vertical vibration motor on both ends with partial heart heavy hammer.Generating a horizontal,vertical ,inclined three-dimensional motion.Vibration force is passed through the screen frame chassis standard sieve box and materials toachieve excellent classification

Main Parts
Round handle,Clamping handle,Indenter,Stud,Nut,Reel,Relay,Tray,Vibration body,Cover plate,Aprons,Vertical vibration motor, Spring,Bottom tube,Timer

1.The machine has the function of re-crashing the agglomeration materials and is safe and reliable for a long time operation
2.The screen machine can be placed a maximum eight layers tests sieves (including the bottom sieve), can separate the material into 2 to 7 grade at the same time
3.The products can be automatic shut down according to the electric time controller and Accurate judgement of the online product quality
4.These machines are suitable for both wet and dry sieving, and meet all ergonomic requirements for a modern laboratory
5.Free adjustment of all process parameters (time, amplitude)
6.Good repetitiveness of experiment, offers multiple features and benefits
7.Set the same analysis of time, the inspection to ensure minimum error
8.According to different materials features, customers can set different working time by adjusting electric time controller so that the analysis errors could be reduced to minimum and therefore guarantee analysis results unanimous

Used in laboratory, and quality control inspection departments such as room of particles, powder material particle size distribution measurement, the product impurities, liquid solids content determination of analysis.

Standard Lab Analyzing Vibrating Sieve
Items Name Unit Data

One Layers Layer 1~8
Two Diameter Mm Φ200Φ100Φ75
Three Granularity Mm 0.038-3
Four Noise DB ≤50
Five Feeding capacity (once) G ≤200
Six Amplitude Mm ≤5
Seven Voltage V 220
Eight Speed R/min 1420
Nine Power Kw 0.125
Ten Overall dimension Mm 360×300×736
Eleven Weight Kg 25

Countries Product Model Quantity Unit
Vietnam DY-200 Test vibrating screen 5 Set
Argentina DY-200 Test vibrating screen 8 Set
Indonesia DY-200 Test vibrating screen 1 Set
Namibia DY-200 Test vibrating screen 9 Set

After-sale service
Our company is comitted to continual quality improvement in all we pursue; to consistently provide high quality products and services to satisfy the mining,chemical,food and other industry needs and requirements; and to strive to drive our customers" success and enhance their business" value. Whoever by our company"s various series vibrating screen product after shipment, for the customer, we will this product to establish independent files, convenient for later to customer regularly tracking, regular service.

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