DZSF-1020 quartz sand linear sieve vibrating for cleaning


Sep 18, 2016

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 DZSF-1020 quartz sand linear sieve vibrating for cleaning

Work principle
DZSF series linear vibrating screen has dual vibration motors. When two vibrating motors do synchronized reverse rotation, the eccentric excitation force generated by offset each other in a direction parallel to the axis of the motor, the motor shaft in the direction of a force in the vertical stack, so the trajectory of the screening machine is a straight line.

Two motor shaft relative to the screen surface with a dip in the vertical direction, under the joint effect of the excitation force and material self-gravity, the material is thrown forward in a straight line or jump in the screen surface, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and classification of materials .

Suitable particle size 0.074-5mm, less than 7% moisture content, a variety of powdered or granular dry screening of non-adhesive material. The maximum feed size of not more than 10mm.

Work characteristics
The product is high screening accuracy, large capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, screen long life, good sealing, no dust, easy maintenance, can be used for assembly line production of automation.

Model Description
D ---------------------------------- motors (vibration source)

Z ---------------------------------- straight line (running track)

SF ---------------------------------- screening machine

1020 ---------------------------------- sieve size (1000mm wide x2000mm long)

2 ------------------------------------- two (two screens three spout )

P ------------------------------------- (plain carbon) steel material

The main technical parameters and dimensions
linear vibrating screen outline
linear vibrating screen models

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