Special Lathe for Aluminum Tubes of Shock-absorber


Sep 21, 2016

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 Special Lathe for Aluminum Tubes of Shock-absorber

The special lathe for aluminum tubes of shock-absorber is used for processing aluminum tubes of shock-absorber after repeated test and research. This lathe adopts principle of inner-chip removal. The work pieces get processing deep hole by special cutters. One-time-forming, smoothness can reach 0.25.

Characteristics of special lathe for aluminum tubes of shock-absorber:
1 Use the CNC servo control system which is absolution position coder. It is convenient to adjust, and has high reliability.
2 The main axis has embedded cooling system, which can cool the main axis down to keep it operating in normal temperature. In this way the processing accuracy of lathe is enhanced.
3 Taiwan ABA high quality finish grinding screw and double-support ball screw are used to prolong use life of lathe.
4 The body of this kind of lathe is made of heavy-duty cast iron. Good earthquake resistance enhanced stability of lathe.
5 All technical parameters of this lathe can be input and adjusted through touch screen, which is convenient and simple.
6 The whole lathe adopts full-closed protective structure.

Quality commitment:
1 Fabrication and detection of lathe meet national standard.
2 We have professional testing personnel to ensure various indicators of product meet requirement of users.
3 If the product we provide has quality problems in warranty period, we would like take the responsibility.