CNC machine tool special


Sep 21, 2016

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 CNC machine tool special

CNC machine tool special


Special for camshaft oil hole drilling, we are specialized in research and development of high precision, high efficiency, high flexible camshaft oil hole drilling special CNC machine tools. Machine adopts high performance hydraulic station, control of high speed rotating hydraulic insulating sleeve chuck to reduce the operator labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

Product features:

1. Using casting lathe bed to facilitate loading and machine tool repair and maintenance.
2. Pneumatic door automatically turning, makes the function of the automatic machine tool with the links to the crankshaft machining line.
3. Machine tool is equipped with high precision linear load rolling guide and ball screw and can improve the stability of machine tool.
4. We use high precision motorized spindle to enhance the machining precision.
5. Beijing KND of CNC system was adopted in order to realize the function of machine, electricity, gas integration, operation is flexible and convenient.
6. Fully enclosed structure.
7. Machine tools equipped with measuring head, the knife machine, cutting tool monitoring device, respectively for angular positioning, automatic monitoring of cutter and cutting tool processing, facilitate immediate attention in the process of machining precision machining.
8. Main parts are used imported international standard parts with higher quality.

Manager: Joice Li
Shenyang Shenjing Jingyi CNC Machinery. Co.Ltd