Best quality CNC inverted vertical lathe


Sep 21, 2016

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 Best quality CNC inverted vertical lathe

Best quality CNC inverted vertical lathe

Application :
Inverted vertical CNC lathe widely used in automobile brake disc, brake drum, gear blank disc type of processing, etc..

Introduction :
Inverted vertical CNC lathe is a kind of lathe that has the function of turning and grinding .It uses a double inverted main shaft and the corresponding cutting unit, double side grinding unit. Machine tools equipped with high automatic, blanking logistics agencies across the machine tool, can realize automatic production, can be a complete both sides of the turning.

Inverted vertical CNC lathe mainly including machine tool lathe bed, grinding wheel, grinding haead, feed screw, guide rail, slip board, turning spindle, machining, turning head, etc

1. Convenient operation and two sides turning can improve work efficiency
2. Adopt international advanced technology and imported material with good stability and rigidity.
3. Beautiful appearance and strong agreeableness.
4. We use new international advanced numerical control system , and makes the machine tool high precision and hard to deformation.

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