Guilin tour


Dec 25, 2014

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 Guilin tour

Guilin introduced
Guilin is a famous historic and cultural city. The green mountains and rivers attracted many men of literature and writing in old times, and they remain some stone inscription make it became historical sites. This is the special and unique human landscape in Guilin.

The unique karst landform make this city enjoy the reputation of “The landscape in Guilin is the best under heaven.” Elephant Trunk Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Taming Wave Hill; Seven Star Cave, Reed Flute Cave, Silver Cave are all the good sites of Guilin.

Go for a walk on longji rice terrace, hiking along the Lijiang River, climbing in Yangshuo, riding around Moon Hill, sitting in a bar in West Street. All of these experiences will give you a delightful journey.

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