ABB transformer


Sep 28, 2016

abb voz-75, Pri 7200/7200Y sec120v, transformer,


 ABB  transformer

abb voz-75 Pri 7200/7200Y sec120v transformer
Primary Secondary Winding IEEE Rated Thermal Style
Voltage Voltage Ratio Metering Accuracy Voltage Factor Rating @ 30°C Number
2400/4160Y 120 20:1 0.3 W, X, M, Y, & Z 1.1 1500 E-7525A89G01 4200/7280Y 120 35:1 0.3 W, X, M, Y, & Z 1.1 1500 E-7525A89G02 4800/8320Y 120 40:1 0.3 W, X, M, Y, & Z 1.1 1500 E-7525A89G03 7200/7200Y 120 60:1 0.3 W, X, M, Y, & Z 1.1 1500 E-7525A89G04
This unit meets all applicable IEEE and NEMA standards and can be made to meet other standards, such as CSA or IEC, as requested.

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