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About Us

Foshan Shunde Sulte Electronics Co.,Ltd, (FSSE) is located Shunde in Guangdong Province, Peoples' Republic of China.
FSSE has Research and Development, Design, Production plus Sales and Service Departments all of which support the company's specialized high-power electromagnetic manufacturing division.
The Development Department employs highly qualified and skilled engineers and scientists who constantly strive to develop and improve the highly sophisticated electromagnetic induction equipment technology used in the Company's products.
FSSE develops and manufactures its own high quality, sophisticated electromagnetic induction heating technology and is leader in the commercial induction cooking industry.
Our products which feature the latest technology do not produce flue gas or noise but provide highly energy efficient cooking, leading to consistently higher food quality with lower costs.
FSSE has an excellent after-sales service system to provide customer feedback for the product development. A company objective to 'Speed up the development of induction cooking equipment". This process will provide greater energy savings for customers with better quality control of the cooking products.
Our cooking systems have won the trust and praise from recognized chefs and owners both in China and overseas.

FSSE believe that with your support and trust, and our continuous improvement program we can achieve a mutually beneficial win-win result with you.