SUNKEY Environmental Biomass Gasifier for spray coating line



May 13, 2016

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 SUNKEY Environmental Biomass Gasifier for spray coating line

The Sunkey ‪Biomass gasification is a high temperature for a variety of physical and chemical reaction process. It was based on the biomass as raw material, with air as the gasification agent, under the condition of high temperature by chemical reactions into the process of gas fuel. In turn, after drying, pyrolysis, oxidation and reduction stage.
Applicable fuel: Wood pellet, pks, wood chips
Output power: 3.6-12 million Kcal
Feeding system: Hoist
The ignition system: auto
Gasifier type:updraft fixed bed
Heat efficiencyl: 50-80%
Gas calorific value:1200-1800Kcal
Flame temperature: Less Than 1350 ℃

Widely for boiler transformation, spray coating line, drying, industrial furnace and die casting industries such as heat energy equipment. Burning biomass compared with diesel, gas, can save 30-80% fuel cost, energy saving and environmental protection !

Product advantages:
1, Hoist feeding screw and automatic grate, simple and useful ;
2, It is the only one biomass combustion equipment in the market which can completely replace diesel and gas burner.
3, No smoke,no dust ,performance as good as gas burner .
4, Stable and reliable, high thermal efficiency