Mitsubishi Motor HC-H103S,new and original



Sep 1, 2016

Mitsubishi Motor, HC-H103S, HC-H203S,


 Mitsubishi Motor HC-H103S,new and original

1.This unit is brand new, original package and in good conditions.
2.Warranty: We provide 6 months warranty for this item.
3.Payment Terms: T/T,
4.Lead Time: If we receive your payment, we will send the goods immediately,
5. Ship Via: Express.
6.Return Policy: we carefully inspect the item before shipment. This unit is fully tested prior to shipping. In case you found a defect on the purchase within 7days after your receiving,will refund it.

Motor series
HF75S-A48 HF223S-A48 HF54S-A51
HF75T-A48 HF223BS-A48 HF54BS-A51
HF75BS-A48 HF224S-A48 HF104S-A51
HF105S-A48 HF224BS-A48 HF104BS-A51
HF105BS-A48 HF302S-A48 HF123S-A51
HF54S-A48 HF302BS-A48 HF123BS-A51
HF54BS-A48 HF303S-A48 HF142S-A51
HF104S-A48 HF303BS-A48 HF142BS-A51
HF104BS-A48 HF354S-A48 HF154S-A51
HF123S-A48 HF354BS-A48 HF154BS-A51
HF123BS-A48 HF453S-A48 HF204S-A51
HF142S-A48 HF453BS-A48 HF204BS-A51
HF142BS-A48 HF703S-A48 HF223S-A51
HF154S-A48 HF703BS-A48 HF223BS-A51
HF154BS-A48 HF903S-A48 HF224S-A51
HF204S-A48 HF903BS-A48 HF224BS-A51
HF204BS-A48 HP1103S-A48 HF302S-A51
SJ-D7.5/100-01 HP1103BS-A48 HF302BS-A51
SJ-D11/100-01 HP1602T-A48 HF303S-A51
SJ-V7.5-01ZT HF-H75K-A48 HF303BS-A51
SJ-V11-01ZT HF-H104K-A48 HF354S-A51
SJ-V18.5-01ZT HF-H204S-A48 HF354BS-A51
HA103NC-S HF-H354S-A48 HF453S-A51
HA200NCB-S HF-H453S-A48 HF453BS-A51
HA300NC-S HF-H703S-A48 HF703BS-A51
HA-FF23C-S5 HF75S-A51 HF903S-A51
HC103T-SX HF75BS-A51 HF903BS-A51
HC153BS-SZ HF105S-A51 HP1103S-A51
HC153BT-SX HF105BS-A51 HP1103BS-A51
HC153T-SX HC203BS HP1602T-A51
HC203RT HC352BSW-A45 HC-H153BS
HC203S HC-H102T HC-H153S
HC-H353S HC-SF102X HC-SF152BK-S4
HC-SF352 HF-H104T HF-H154BS
HF-H204BS HF-H354S HF-H453BS
HF-H453S HF-KP23JW04-S16 HF-KP73BJKW04-S2
HF-KP73JKW04-S2 SJ-4-VKS15-13ZM-S02 SJ-L11-15FZM-S01
SJ-P0.4A SJ-PF7.5-01

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