Vacuum Centrifugal Lube Oil Purifier Machine CYA


Jan 19, 2016

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 Vacuum Centrifugal Lube Oil Purifier Machine CYA

Zhongneng vacuum centrifugal lube oil purifier machine CYA

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1. This machine is widely used in the cement industry to treat the lubricating oil. The function includes degassing, drying and particulate removal.

2. It is mainly applied to treat the lubricating oil, which contains large quantity of impurities and grease and needs high precision, such as the regeneration of lube, ditch oil in the
cement factory.


1. High speed centrifugation to remove grease and impurities of the oil.

2. Great ability to break emulsification of H.P.M high molecule polymer materials.

3. The combination and coalescing separation and vacuum duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, eliminating water.

4. Deep and highly precise FH rectangle filtering system.

5. Zhongneng’s high molecule absorption material technology.


Hydraulic lubricating oil treated by this machine contains low emulsification value, few water and impurities that it can be used repeatedly in the highly precise hydraulic lubricating equipments at home and abroad.