Vacuum Cooking Oil Purifier Vegetable Oil Purification Machine COP


Jan 15, 2016

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 Vacuum Cooking Oil Purifier Vegetable Oil Purification Machine COP

Zhongneng automatic vacuum cooking oil purification machine COP

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COP Series Cooking Oil Purifier is designed for purifying cooking oil, vegetable oil, etc.

1. Double primary filters structure, three-stage filtration system (primary filter, seconday filter, fine filter) with gradually incresing filtration precision, removing impurities as much as possible.
2. Large area three-dimensional flash distillation technology, removing gas and water efficiently.
3. Strong ability of demulsification, separating oil and water efficiently.
4. Humanized design, all necessary control buttons and indicator lights are equipped on the control panel which provides easy control for operation and supervision.
5. High-efficiency electric heating system, controlled by automatic constant temperature controller, heating the oil uniformity, avoiding oil deterioration, less power consumption.