Shenzhen Dihe Electronic Co., Ltd.

Main Business

printed circuit boards (PCB). Production, quick turn & prototype printed circuit boards. Single sided, double sided & multi layer printed circuit boards. Single sided up to 20 layer multilayers.

About Us

Printed Circuit Board(PCB) manufacturer in China, focusing on multilayer PCB, high precision PCB, fast PCB and middle-small batch PCB with multi-species, small batches, short delivery time and high level.

Our factory is with ISO9001,ISO14001, UL and ROHS certified. All materials used are environmentally friendly and lead free. We have advanced manufacturing equipments and skillful production and technical team staff. Which make us better and better. Now we can make PCB up to 20 layers, the Min. mechanical drill hole is 0.15mm, the Min. laser drill hole is 0.075mm, the min. circuit width/ spacing is 0.0635mm/0.0635mm(2.5/2.5mil).

We have rich experience in producing heavy copper PCB, metal core PCB, high frequency PCB, high TG PCB, high precision controlled impedance PCB, halogen free PCB and mixing plate PCB. These products are widely used in communication, security, industrial power, medical equipment, aerospace, military, automotive electronics, power supply and computer area. We are well recognized by customer due to reliable quality, good price, and fast delivery.

The product type are as follows:

Non-PTH single- and double-sided PCBs
Copper through-hole PCBs
Silver through-hole PCBs
Ultrathin ML (100μm/layer)
Plated through-hole PCBs
PCBs with blind vias
PCBs with thick copper
Multilayer PCBs, miscellaneous
Bondable PCBs
Metal core PCBs
Micro via PCBs
PCBs on aluminum substrates
Impedance-controlled PCBs
Press-fit component PCBs
Ultrafine-line circuitry (< 50μm)
PCBs, other

In order to meet all kinds of needs of customer, we also do some pcba(PCB Assembly), we produce pcb in our own factory, and source components for customer, then do assembly in SMT factory. Therefore, if you have any interest about this part, a gerber and BOM are welcome.