Hot sale Welding wire



Sep 17, 2016

Hardfaing flux cored wire , Hot sale Flux cored welding wire, Hot sale Hardfacing welding wire,


 Hot sale Welding wire

Main chemical component:
C:0.40~0.60   Si:0.30~0.90
Mn:0.80~1.80  Cr:3.00~5.00
W:0.50~0.90   Others:0.50~1.50
Application: All kinds of hot rolling flat roll.
Welding flux: SJ303
Nantong Ace welding produces all kinds of overlaying hardfacing flux cored welding wire for steel works, for electric factory, for mining machine, for mould, for valve, for sugar mill, for digger etc. we have the ability to develop new type of wires or copy the models.
Hot sale Hardfaing flux cored welding wire
Hot sale Welding wire
Hot sale Flux cored welding wire
Hot sale Hardfacing welding wire