Multi-function vacuum Transformer oil Filtration/ oil purification/ oil regeneration

Feb 19, 2013

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 Multi-function vacuum Transformer oil Filtration/ oil purification/ oil regeneration

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This machine is used for overhauling and installing the electric insulating equipments which can running as energized, such as transformer, oil switch, and mutual inductor. Also it is especially applied to regenerate and purify the seriously exhausted insulating oil and make the oils reach the international standard.
1. Besides the common vacuum oil purifier's function of dewatering, degassing, and eliminating impurities, this machine can regenerate the seriously exhausted oil by removing the polarity materials, such as deep oxides, free carbon in the oil effectively. It can make the seriously exhausted oil reach the normal index like anti-oxidation, acid-base water-solubility.
2. Three ways of using: the vacuum dewatering, degassing, removing impurities system can work independently, so does the regeneration oil system, and also they can work at the same time.
First, it can improve the voltage and make the every index like acid value, PH value, of the insulation oil reach the national standard by removing the water, impurities and gas from the non-conformable oil. Second, it can improve the insulation oil's index, completely filtering the polarity materials like free carbon, deep oxide.

1. Breakdown voltage≥65KV
2. Water content ≤3PPM
3. Gas content ≤0.1%
4. Impurity size≤1μM
5. Flash point (closed end) ≥135℃
6. Water-soluble acid PH≥5.4
7. Acid value≤0.03mg
8. Dielectric loss factors ≤0.001