Wooden Case Nixie Tubes Clock, Desk Clock


Hong Kong

Jul 7, 2015

Nixie Clock, Digital Clock , Gift Clock,


 Wooden Case Nixie Tubes Clock, Desk Clock

CFT615A is a classic desktop Nixie Tubes Clock with wooden case.

•Using Nixie Tubes Technology to provide classic bright orange light, 6 digits display. Suitable for Ornament in Household, Office, Shop, Coffee Shop, Bar etc.

•Classic Wooden Nixie Clock with transparence color plastic plate. Available in various colors plastic plate. Customize logo is welcome.

•We also welcome OEM and ODM Nixie Tube Clock business.

For more details, visit our website www.schrodinger.hk, contact us lcf@schrodinger.hk


• Display: Orange light Nixie Tube x 6
• Case: Wood Case with Plastic Front Panel
• Size: 287x106x95mm (Approximate)
• Input Power: 12V Power Adaptor
•Accessory: 12V Power supply Adaptor, Voltage as customer’s requirement.