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Digital Media Printer Inc Store ( has a remarkable history as a supplier in the Packaging and Printing industry, particularly in the area of ??the printhead and printer. Digital Media Printer Inc Store ( 's first office, which is also the headquarters, established in 1996 at 20, Jakarta, Indonesia. Our team of 60 highly detail-oriented and have a lot of success stories, related to the consumers of our past, to our future clients in the printhead and Packaging & Printing society. Digital Media Printer Inc Store ( in collaboration with the client in an effort to understand the needs of our valuable clients and targets Purchasing printhead and printer & printing industry, which is scattered throughout the world including Pakistan UAE China America Europe. Interested buyers and importers concerned are welcome to contact Digital Media Printer Inc Store ( As a supplier, we will try our best to meet your needs. If you are interested in our products please message on the website, we will give our best to the customer who purchased the company Digital Media Printer