Main Business

manufacture the machines and consumables: electroplating machine lines, pre-press printing,flexible printing,copper/chrome/nickel plating machine, copper/chrome polishing machine,rotogravure cylinder

About Us

This is YUBO GRAVURE CYLINDER company in China. We are specialized in this field for many years with good quality and pretty competitive price. All YunCheng Plate-making Group and its branch companies all over the world are served by us.
Hope to find a way to cooperate with you!
If you are interested in our products,Call me,let us talk details.

Our main products are as follows:
1. Electro-plating equipment for rotogravure printing cylinder
(Including Washing, Nickel/Copper/Chrome Plating, Degreasing, De-chrome)
2. Rotogravure cylinder grinding machine
3. Copper polishing machine
4. Chrome polishing machine
5. Proofing machine
1. Stylus (one-way and can be re-sharpable stylus)
2. Rough/fine cutter, burr cutter, sliding shoe, steel filter.....
3. Grinding stone
4. Sand belt/paper
5. Welding wire