MH-Ni Battery



Dec 23, 2016

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 MH-Ni Battery

Inner Mongolia Rare earth Ovonic MH-Ni High-Power Battery Co. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baotou-Steel Rare Earth High-Tech Co.Ltd., which is the largest MH-Ni High-Power battery professional manufacturer with the best product performance and the most advanced technology equipment in China. The company’s production line and quality control equipment were all imported from USA and Japan and it can produce 7 million sets of MH-Ni High-Power battery for D size annually. The MH-Ni High-Power battery has a good performance and it’s mainly used as a power supply in HEV, stored energy, mines, etc. Besides, the products are sold all over the world.
On the bases of fully absorbing the imported technology, the company speeds up the pace of technology innovation in itself. Currently it has owned 2 national patents for inventions and 7 utility model patents, among which the application of MH-Ni battery in HEV was selected as “ 2011 national key new product” by 4 National Ministries like the National Science and Technology Ministry etc. In order to promote industrialization of the application of MH-Ni battery in HEV , the company also undertakes 2 national 863 planning programs and 2 regional projects, and it has made significant progress.
All the employees of the company will follow the spirit of enterprise “ Truth-seeking, High Energy and High Efficiency” , be aggressive, struggle and sacrifice, and work hard for the company to be the first-class MH-Ni battery production enterprise in the world.