BPW Trailer Spring saddle & Central rotating seat


May 11, 2017

Spring saddle, Central rotating seat, trunnion block/trunnion seat,


 BPW Trailer Spring saddle & Central rotating seat

Product Description:
BPW spring saddle/central rotating seat/ trunnion block/trunnion seat
Truck Axle Bearing Housing
bearing housing for various of truck
BPW Trailer Singe Point suspension parts

ISO/TS16949: 2002
Competitive price
our advantage:
1) Original material standard according to the original OEM technical drawing
2) Premium quality standard guaranteed
3) Long lasting and reliable working life time
4) Positive customer feedback from abroad and domestic market
5) Long exporting history to many counties in the world
6) Competitive and reasonable price
7) Able to develop & produce according to your specification with technical drawing
8) Unique Packing according to customer specification requirement