Jincheng Qinghui Casting Co.,Ltd.

Main Business

Auto Spare parts, heavy duty vehicle parts, truck trailer parts, iron casting, steel casting, mining machinery parts,

About Us

Jincheng Qinghui Casting Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing iron casting, steel casting, sand casting

Our hot products include the followings: 1): steel casting: alloy steel casting, carbon steel casting, high manganese steel casting, manganese steel casting, stainless steel casting etc. 2): Iron casting: ductile iron casting, grey iron casting etc.
The main application of our products: a): autoparts: brake disc, brake drum, case casting, bogie bracket welding assembly, bogie axle, leaf spring, cushion housing, spring saddle(central rotating seat )gearbox casting, wheel spider and so on. b): Valve casting: cast iron valve, steel casting valve, pump casting, valve body casting; c): marine parts casting: anchor chain wheel, cylinder head, safety valve, piston gudgeon pin, piston rod, oil scraper ring, crosshead pin, crosshead bearing/slipper and all kinds of hardware and tools etc.d): railway parts: axle box, bogie frame, bogie bolster, railway wagon parts, railway coupler/hook etc.

Our products adopt superior austenitic manganese steels , aluminum alloys, Carbon Steels, Copper, Chromium Steel ,Ductile Iron Casting, duplex stainless steels, grey Irons, ductile Irons, low and high alloy steels, Iron Casting , SG Iron Casting, Stainless Steel Casting and Steel Casting and so on.