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About Us

Chapter1 The place where the dream start

In China,Website:http://www.companion-global.com,Africa and even all over the world,hundreds of thousands of patients did not obtain reasonable medical treatments because of inferior medical instruments every year. Moreover,thousands of poverty areas are still using aged hospital instruments and the fundamental nursing facilities are not in the old people's house as before.COMPANION has a dream,a dream which could fight and struggle for the human health,we want to provide the top-quality products and create globalization medical consumables purchasing center which could connect all over the world and offer our help for the needed people and institutions for Asia,Africa,south America,north America,Europe and Oceania.Let us be your companion,let's start the dream together.

Chapter2 Set sail

There is a quote in China,‘the doctor should be someone with sympathy and humanity,should try his best to save the patients selfless.’The eternal operation philosophy of COMPANION also claim this,for this reason,we had offered syringes,infusions,hospital beds,blood lancets,blood vessels,medical pipes,urine bags,medical gloves and sutures,etc.for medical institutions around the world and reached long-term operation.COMPANION control the quality strictly,because for us,the quality of our products is the same as the life of ours,the better quality,the faster recovery.

Chapter3 we are on our way

In the future,COMPANION expect that our fellows could create vivid stories one by one.We are not only doing business,we are planting health.Please let's hand in hand,spread our kindheartedness,let us be your sincerely companion.