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Runhua Chongqing Television Culture Co., Ltd. is a television channel, a whole section of the packaging, film companies, film information, teaching film production, television advertising planning, filming and production, three-dimensional animation, television production, professional broadcasting qualities of professionalism Television Production company (the State Administration of Radio License: Chongqing No. 102 words).
Runhua success of the film and television co-production Chongqing many columns such as "modern youth", "new tourist heaven and earth", "market research" and "Wonders of the west" and "Chronicle of the western region", "Life magazine," "watch Chongqing", "watching Chongqing, "" charm Auditorium ", and has been widely recognized by the community.
In the feature film production, we produce a lot of corporate image topics, such as the BOT Group, the Group of the United States and Germany, building ceramics Fuling, the Three Gorges Construction Group, the building of a new section of the Group ... ... Qijiang cities broadcast, film Tongliang city, Zhong County TV package as a whole ... ... lawyers, accountants, the city prison, such as the border of the film building; in the large-scale performances, we have succeeded in Dianjiang held a Spring Festival gathering will (live), people with disabilities in the city hall organized by the Arts Evening, the super girls (Chongqing), and other concerts.
For a long time, Runhua by virtue of their unique creative ideas, profound cultural foundation, a wealth of industry experience, first-class level of production and the production of specialized personnel for the majority of enterprises have made for a Department of dazzling.