Soonerclean® Diamond Embossed Spunlace Nonwoven


Feb 2, 2016

spunlace nonwoven , viscose, polyester,


 Soonerclean® Diamond Embossed Spunlace Nonwoven

Item:Soonerclean® Diamond Embossed Spunlace Nonwoven
Composition: Viscose / Polyester
Workable width: 11-320 cm
Weight range: 30-120 gsm
Color: White
Product features:
Nontoxic, anti-bacteria no stimulation and causes no allergy to human body; Excellent softness, smooth, puffiness, hydrophilic; Air-permeability and
evenness; High level of tensile strength, and elongation.
Application: Wet wipes; Medical gauze, Disposable surgical gown etc.; Facial mask; Dry wipes; Makeup remover pads; Duster cloth.