Kidea Industry Co., Ltd

Main Business

Selling Friction welding machine, Twist drill, Saw blade

About Us

Kidea industry Co., Ltd., located in "the city of tools" - Danyang, Jiangsu, China, was established in 2004. The company mainly engages in manufacturing and sales of friction welding machine and professional tools such as twist drill and saw blade. The products widely used in aerospace, power, bearings, automobiles, motorcycles, metal cutting Cutting tools, textile machinery, petroleum geological drilling, construction and other high-tech and traditional industries. At present, Kidea has successfully welded various kinds of tool blank, copper-aluminum alloy joint, bimetallic bearing, valve, ball stud, universal joint, steering linkage, driver shaft, shock absorber, supercharger turbine shaft, S-Shaped camshaft, socket spanner, construction rebar, drill pipe, sucker rod, motor shaft and other component products.