Fluorite briquette machine

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Apr 6, 2016

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 Fluorite briquette machine

What's fluorite powder briquetting production line raw material requires?
1.Raw materials: fluorite powder, clay, coal powder, coke powder, ore powder and other powder material. Production capacity: 10-300 thousand tons per annual;
2.Fluorite powder and other material granule size should be Compliant;
3.Make sure material purity, especially with big size granule metal hard block. Such as nails, otherwise will damage roller skin surface;
4.To keep high production efficiency, feeding should be uniform and stable.
Fluorite powder briquetting production line main composition equipment:
1.Box quantitative feeder, quantitative conveying raw material to vertical crusher uniformly;
2.Vertical mixer, crush raw material to suit size, generally below 5mm can meet final products requires;
3.Mixing barrel, used to liquefaction adhesives(if using dry briquetting should using other equipment).
4.Double shaft horizontal mixer, completely mixing raw material, adhesives and water, adhesives uniform distribution in the raw material is convenient to achieve the better heating strength, with better briquetting effect.
5.Flourite briquette machine, the production line center equipment, press the uniform mixed material to briquettes, the products shape and size can be customized, we can provide all kinds shape and size roller skin.
6.Belt dryer, to dry pressed wet briquettes, directly convey, storage or bagging.
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