Handmade 1:1 Scale Fiberglass Panda Cartoon Statue


Feb 22, 2017

Cartoon Statue, Cartoon Model, Kanosaur,


 Handmade 1:1 Scale Fiberglass Panda Cartoon Statue

Handmade 1:1 Scale Fiberglass Cartoon Statue:
Product Size/Color: As picture show or Costomized.
Technics: All Hand Made.
Power: 110/220VAC 50/60HZ
Skin: Waterproof, Snowproof, Sunproof.
Silicom ones: keep colorful 3 years outdoor, 8 years indoor
Fiberglass ones: keep colorful 5 years outdoor, 10 years indoor
Movements(You can customized your own movement.)
1.Mouth open and close with synchronized sound,
2.Neck up down
3.Head moving left to right
4.Eyes blink
5.Foreleg moving
6.Tail swaying
7. Body moving up and down
9.Water or smoke spraying

Sounds: 1. Dinosaur Roaring and Breathing. 2.Custom other sound.
Package: Bubble plastics/Wooden case/Air case/Depends on customers'choice
Delivery Time: 4-14 weeks or depend on order quantity
Other Service: Exhibition Layout Design/Theme Park Design/Festival Decoration
After-sale Service: 12 Months(After the warranty, we can provide life-long repair service)