Shahe Jinyao Glass Equipment Co.,LTD

Main Business

Jin Yao glass storage rack, including L-frame, A-frame, the raw glass placed frame, glass hanging bars, etc.

About Us

Hebei Jin Yao of shahe glass equipment co., LTD. Is located in China's largest distribution center – shahe city,Hebei province .The company specializing in the production of various specifications glass container, glass storage rack, A frame, L frame, steel frame, hollow frame and other special glass frame.The company has fixed 20 workers and 30 temporary workers. The equipment are mainly two large cutting machine, four pump with different specifications size, more than 20 carbon dioxide protection weldings and kinds of processing small mechanical, etc.
My company was established in June 2002.In recent 13 years,the company in line with strives for the survival by the quality, reputation and promote development of the idea to win more customers. We contract Shahe the Great Wall glass co., LTD., Hebei large light co., LTD., Hebei Xinli glass co., LTD., Hebei Dejin glass co., LTD., Hebei Yingxin glass co., LTD., Hunan Zhuzhou Daming special glass co., LTD., Henan Xingrui technology co., LTD., Shandong Jinjing glass co., LTD and so on more than 30 glass production enterprise business.We processed more than hundreds of thousands of sets of specifications, multi-purpose glass frame with comprehensive technical, excellent quality.Welcome you to visit our company!!!!!!